Monday, October 10, 2011

Visitors to The Garden

The Rainbow Lorikeets are plentiful around the garden at this time of year. 

They have their new babies, the first of the season, and are teaching them where to go and what to do. We often sit out in the hut and watch them as they come in to the red bottlebrush nearby, and feed from the flowers.

I'm not very good at taking photographs of them though I did try for you!  Even though I used the close up button on the camera, and thought I was getting great close ups of the birds, they haven't come out that way.  They move so fast and a lot of the pictures were blurred.   They are quite raucous and so funny when they hand upside down to get at the blossoms.

I'm sorry about that, it's really more a case of "Can you see the lorikeet in the tree?"  I'll try and do better next time.


Robin Norgren said...

Hi there! I am popping in from Blogtoberfest.

Wee Little Birds said...

Aren't we lucky to have such wonderful wildlife right on our door.
Hugs Tanya

Anonymous said...

this is a test gee i love the birds