Friday, September 30, 2011

Take Me Back To The Fifties

Take Me Back To The Fifties

 A friend sent me the above link in an email today .    Even though it i s concerned with american life, just to listen to all this wonderful music brings back our childhoods.

Just click on the first line of this post.

 We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!! 

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Some Spring Colour

We've got some colour appearing in the back garden now that Spring has sprung.  Things are waking up and looking quite gorgeous.

This bougainvillea grows over the side fence and has never looked so colourful as it is now

A lovely bright begonia near the hut

 Some new orchids that we bought at the local nursery last weekend.  I adore the yellow one.  Behind them in the bush is a King Orchid that has already finished flowering unfortunately. They're all in the Emu Bush.

Here's another dendrobium actually growing on the trunk of our bottle brush.

As the weeks pass, more will begin to flower and I'll post pictures of plants as they do.

That's it for now, see you later.

September Quilt Finishes

I've had a busy time this month, finishing 2 quite large snuggle quilts, one for my good friend Joan, whose birthday was early this month, and one for Alan's granddaughter who turned 15 and lives interstate.

So it was full steam ahead to finish the both of them in time, which I'm pleased that I did.

Here I am with my friend Joan, in our library room with the quilt I made her for her birthday.  The colours are not true on this quilt, and I've realized that with this picture it is the light in the room, which is  a leadlight with a golden colour in it. So it has made the quilt look quite yellowish, it's really quite vibrant, but you'll just have to believe that !!

Whilst we are looking at this may I say "No I am certainly not pregnant!!"  I don't know how I managed to give myself that big belly, must have been the way I was standing.  You'll have to believe me on that too!!

Here is a lovely view of Mel's quilt, with Alan standing behind it, his hands look cute, don't they...

And here's another one of Mel's quilt artistically arranged on a chair out in the hut. 

So that's this post, I've go to now get the garden pictures ready for another entry.  Be right back...

Olympus Camera Woes

I thought it may have been Blogger who was making my pictures a funny colour, but I have discovered it is my little Olympus fe4000 camera!

The colours have gone all strange in pictures that I have taken lately, so I am going to spend some time today working with them in Photoshop.  I'm not that good with Photoshop, but I think I'll learn fast today!!

We both think it may be time for a new camera.

So I'll be back with the pictures of my two finished quilts for September, and some more garden pictures.

So bye for now

Monday, September 19, 2011

Block of the month

Have you heard about the Block of the Month at Canton Village Quilt Works?  It sound really exciting, a new blogger each month will have a design for a block , so you can do them all or pick and choose for your own quilt.

I'm looking forward to it - roll on 25th to start!!


I've got 2 finishes too  show for September, both large sized quilts, but the recipients haven't got them yet (or at least one of them hasn't) so I can't show them until it's received.

So as they say, "Watch this space!"


Friday, September 16, 2011

Some Recent Travel

I have discovered a love of travel lately, and have just returned from Bali in July.  Caught some great pics - there's a few here, so be prepared

The Monkey Temple

Offerings to the Monkey God

The monkeys in the Monkey Gardens at Ubud are extremely tame, and will bring their babies to you , though I think they have learned that it will get more food. 

The fellow in front of the orb is actually fast asleep!!

While we were in Ubud, a relative of the "King" had passed away and was cremated this day.  This is a part of the funeral procession which passed down the main street of town.  Hundreds of people walked, carrying food and drink for the festivities that followed.

 We were allowed to enter this beautiful Hindu Temple, we had to wear a sarong over our clothing and could wander through the courtyards and view the buildings. I love the architecture which is so ancient.

I could have stayed for hours....

We stayed for quite a while, but even I had to admit that the sun was getting unbearable, so we had to leave.

The Memorial at Kuta, in the spot where the Sari Club once stood.  It is a fitting memorial, and makes you feel so sad.

Well thats just a few pics from Bali, there will be more!!

So bye for now

Time for some Garden Pics

Gardening is something that A and I both enjoy a lot, and here are some nice pics, just of what we have done in the past 12 months:

Here is the Ginger Garden, beside the new Bali Hut.

Another view of the Ginger Garden, actually from Hut.  There are Gingers, bromeliads, ferns, aspidastras, walking iris, and assorted ground covers, all backed by a beautiful large red bottlebrush tree and palms.

Here is a view of one of our favourite Day Lillies flowering last Summer. Unfortunately I have lost it's name tag.

Here are some favourite pics of our dogs - the "Kids" as we call them:

Here's Priscilla, wearing what all gorgeous poodles wear during the Winter in Queensland.  And posing beautifully too, I might add!!!

And here is our big boy Tommy, keeping warm in red!!!

In this picture you can see the bali Hut from the far side of the garden, surrounded by planting.

So there are just a few for now, I'll have to work hard on the albums on the computer so that I know what is what when I try to upload the pics.  I'm learning something new every time here with Blogger!

So bye for now, will be back soon