Saturday, October 8, 2011

A New Scrap Busting Block

I've been working on this block this afternoon, it's fabulous for using up scraps because you need 7 different scraps and only 2 inch squares, 5 x 2"      rectangle and 3and a half squares.  So it's really easy to get through a lot of scraps.

So if I don't feel like hand working the hexagons, I can machine sew these great blocks.

I did only get a couple done, but they are really easy, it takes longest to cut the fabric in the right sizes...

So you can go to the Badskirt blog where Amy has a really easy to follow tutorial.  I found I only needed to follow it once and then I was right to go out on my own!


Wee Little Birds said...

Great blocks. I am always on the look out for scrap busters. You will have to forward the link to all the girls.
Cheers Tanya

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing Sharyn, I am going to give it a go.....Linda x