Monday, June 30, 2014

Week 25 of 52 Weeks Word Photo Challenge

My fingers won't work this evening - I could write anything! But apart from that,

Welcome back!

We shall look in our little book of tricks and come up with something

Here we are!

The word for Week 25 is "package".

So, let's see what we can all do this week , join in at any time, and just post your picture of "package" next Sunday evening back here!  All are welcome.

So see you through the week, take care. ( i have redone all m y silly words!)

Sunday, June 29, 2014

52 Weeks Word Photo Challenge

Hi everyone, good to be back!

I had a terrible time with deciding what to photograph with this weeks word! I knew what red meant to me, but not how to photograph it.  So I thought and thought and thought and this is what I came up with:-

Red is my  very favourite colour - I find it exciting and energising, it is vibrant and playful.  These beautiful timber tulips are some of my special possessions - they sit on my owl cupboard (yes I collect them also!!) along with a few other precious items.  Who needs room to live, every house should have owls and red timber tulips - it would certainly go a long way to brightening up things!!

So that's it - my red and what it means to me, just add your name to the linky below and let's show n tell!

See you tomorrow night for next weeks word.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Mixed Media Embroidery Journal

Hi everyone! I'm sorry I don't get back very often through the week lately, things are just so very busy at the moment, and the weeks just begin and they are over!

Never mind, I'm here now, and will try to be a better blogger from here in.

I thought you might like to see what I am up to in my embroidery journal so far.

So here are some pictures and some chat about it.

it is only one of many things on the go at the moment, but it is getting there slowly!

A quick reminder of the cover of my journal

The first page inside the front cover. I started with a pinkish coloured lace down the edge and  a peach coloured satin ribbon beside it.  I embroidered a vine using purple pearl cotton, and added purple beads along it. 
Next was the yellow satin ribbon attached with the orange button.  I'm not sure I have finished this page, make comments if you like please.

The second page has a pink embroidered lady bowing, and the greeting "Namaste" above her head. I have added various fibres and couched them down with pink cotton to surround  her, and printed the words "I bow to you" in the corner.  The whole page has lovely mauve lace on the edges.

This is the fourth page.  I decided to attach my embroidered sheep and surround them with this pretty old lace.  I haven't actually sewn him in yet - the sheep are glued but the lace is not finished.

The middle pages have the Om Shanti prayer, along with it's basic meaning written in gel pen on paper.  This is not finalized yet either, I think I may have to re - embroider the Om Shanti. I've slept on it for a few nights but i still can't make up my mind!

On the final page of the journal I have sewn in my embroidered four leaf clover and written underneath are the words "Blessed Be". This page also wants something more.

So that is how it is coming along.  I am really enjoying working in it, and getting the pages the way I want. I do have things in mind for all the pages but have not been able to complete them yet.

Working on it is a slow process, making sure I am happy with each page.

So that is where I am up to now, I will appreciate any comments and suggestions you might like to give.

So I will be back tomorrow evening with the photo of red. Hope you have some good pictures for it!
Bye for now and take care.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Week 24 of 52 Weeks Word Photo Challenge

Hi everyone, pleased to see you are back for another exciting word for this week!

It will be exciting too, because this one of Diane's ideas.

You need to take a photograph of what the colour red represents to you.

That's the challenge.

So we will see  you all back here next Sunday evening with your really interesting photographs of what the colour red means to you!

Have a great week, and take care.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

52 Weeks Word Photo Challenge

Glad to see you back, hope everyone had a lovely week.  The weeks are really flying b y now, aren't they - before we know it, it will be Christmas!!

So, today is photo sharing day, so here is my "Lift".

Our garden sure got a lift from the downpour we had last night!  Just look st how much water is in the wheel barrow!

So just add your  pictures to the Linky  below, and let us see what you get  a lift from!!

See you tomorrow evening for next weeks word!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Mixed Media Embroidery Journal

Just thought you would love to know all about my latest decision!

I am still working on my embroideries in the evenings, and I got to thinking "What am I going to do with all these embroideries when I have finished them?" I said to myself, and aloud to anyone who was listening...

The thought came to my mind "Put them in a book", so, I went online to my Stitching Fingers group and trotted along to their Art Journal group, and asked a question. I also went onto U_Tube and looked at mixed media journaling there also.  There is so much to see, once you decide to search for it!

So, here we are. My brain is full to bursting with all these wonderful,crazy ideas of what I am going to do with these embroideries and just how beautiful it will all be! - I do that, usually the old brain gets so full to bursting with too many ideas, and I go take a bex and lie down, never to bring any of my brilliant ideas to fruition!I get too confused about what to do first, so I give up!

But, this time its different! I have actually starting on my little mixed media journal ! I can't believe that I have done it, and I am just so pleased with myself!

So here she  is:-

Made with scrap fabrics and batting, the cover is an old doily (I collect them)

The first page - the orange page is the back of the cover

The back page but one! Forgot to turn the last page it's orange also!

The book cover showing the spine, where I sewed the pages in and left space between them all to make room for whatever I decide to put on the pages with my embroideries.

It certainly is not perfect - but I still love her and think it's pretty good for my first go at making a journal!

Does anyone want to join me in this crazy ride?

See you later - take care!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Week 23 of 52 Weeks Word Photo Challenge

Hi everybody, I knew you would be waiting with bated breath to see the week's word!  So I rushed home to put it up for you!

Do  you believe me??

The word for week 23 is:-"lift".

So we will all have to put our thinking caps back on, won't we?:):)

I'll be back through the week, but in the meantime take care and have a good time.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

52 Weeks Word Photo Challenge

Hi everyone, glad to see you back for the show of the word "pump".

I had great fun with this one, believe it or not!  The possibilities were endless!  I always look the word up in the online dictionary, and that gives me the ideas! (now I've given away my secret).

No more malarkey! On with the show!!

here's my "pump" :-

The most favourite pump in this house, is attached to this bottle. My most favourite of all creams for my hands is this lovely, lovely pumpable stuff! (pumpable is a sharynism!!)

I love it, love it, love it. I use it innumerable times every single day, I love it so much, but apart from that,
 this is most unfair, my dusting fairy is throwing a tantrum and she won't work because I told you about her last week!  She's very shy, you see, and most people can't see her so she doesn't think that I should discuss her with anyone.

Woe is me! How to placate a dusting fairy, this is the question!

I will see you all tomorrow night with next week's word!:):):)

Saturday, June 14, 2014


Just a quick post to show you the flower stalk in the garden.

Alan and I have been working very hard out in the garden this past week (I must be honest and say that Alan has done a lot more than me!), and we noticed that the agave in the picture is die-ing  back as t he flower stalk grows.

I thought that was interesting, and it was worth a post!!

It's raining here now - so no more gardening for a while!
See you tomorrow night!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Week 22 of 52 Weeks Word Photo Challenge

Hi everyone, pleased to see you all are back, waiting with bated breath for the word fairy! (The dusting fairy is busy!!) :):)  Besides, she won't fly overseas she said, sorry!

So this is week 22, soon it will be Christmas, and our word for week 22 is:-"pump".

See, I told you they would get easier, didn't I?  :):):)

Don't forget that anyone is welcome to join in and out as the mood takes them, just post your pic with a link back to you in next Saturdays post.

Have a good week all, take care.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

52 Weeks Word Photo Challenge

Well, welcome all, to our "fly" pictures!

I'm almost ashamed to show you mine, you see, I have been drifting through the week a day behind the rest of the world, when suddenly! it is Sunday and I have no photograph to show!!

So I ask Alan to suggest something for me to photograph, and he suggests a clock, so here i am, watching time fly!

GOODNESS ME, why did I enlarge it???  It's just so very obvious that the dusting fairy hasn't been around lately, but, never mind, there's always tomorrow - she may just appear magically, right out of thin air!  Hold that thought please!!

Sign up below, won't you, with your fly photo, it cannot be any worse than mine!!

See you tomorrow night!

Friday, June 6, 2014


I have b
een concentrating this past week on the wedding blocks, and doing a little of this in                           those moments when I don't want to look at all that white!

This is a wall hanging i am doing, from Leanne's House.  I actually bought it years and years ago, in fact the last time that I attended the Brisbane Craft and Quilt Show which I think was at least four years ago!

It doesn't take long to do each individual piece, and it will be lovely and colourful when it is finished.

This is how it is supposed to look:-

Sorry the picture is a little bit blurred, must be the plastic over it.

Anyhow, I'm off to watch the footy now, see you on Sunday when we show off our "fly" photographs!!

Take care.

Garden Stalk Update

Thought you might just like to see what's happening with the agave in our garden, and it's mile high stalk!!

The stalk began flowering a week ago, and is continuing up the stem with fresh flowers opening each morning.  The flowers are a greenish white colour and the stamens are yellow - pretty nondescript actually, except for the number of them!

So here we are, with a visiting bee the bees are all extremely interested in our agave stalk!

This is a real close up of the flowers:-

Here I have stepped back two steps:-

Here I have stepped four steps back:-

 I will post pictures again, when the stalk is fully covered with flowers - some time next week that will probably  be!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Week 21 of 52 Weeks Word Photo Challenge

Well, here we are for another exciting week  of our challenge and the word is about to be shown!

The word for week 21 is (trumpets sounding, fireworks exploding):- "fly".

I do promise that they will get easier soon.

Have a good time with it and don't take it all seriously, it will drive you crazy!!

See you next week!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

52 Weeks Word Photo Challenge

Hi everybody, ready for the great show n tell!?

Was it you, Robin, who pre- empted me with my photo choice tonight? Whoever it was, you read my mind!

So, here is my "Fun":-

Of course, it had to be this, because it even mentions the word!! All washed, but not yet pressed correctly.

Drop by and add your name and pic to mr Linky, so we can see what you think is fun!!

See you tomorrow night for next weeks word!