Monday, February 24, 2014

Week 7 of 52 Weeks Word Photo Challenge

Welcome to week 7's word tonight!

Have had a look at all the players, and there is no end to our originality, is there? I just love it, and I'm having tons of fun!

I hope you all are also!

So our word for this week is "fast".

So thinking caps on again 'cos this is another doozy I think!!

See you all back here for pics next Sunday evening.  Until then, have fun!

Don't forget, anyone can join in at any time and have fun along with us!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

52 Weeks Word Photo Challenge

Sorry for the lateness of this post - Mr Linky was down due to some sort of failure, so I had to wait until he came back up!

Hi everyone!  I'm real excited to see your pics today - I thought the word "flow" was a really good one, did you?

I thought a lot about it, and I finally went with my first idea - (I'm so lucky to live near a beautiful park, with so many interesting features!)

So here's my pic for "Flow":

Our local park is by the Logan River, the flow of  which can become quite high and strong at times.

To see  how strong the flow of this river is - I have photographed this great tree which has been undermined by the river's flow.

I  realize that I had chopped off the top of this beautiful old tree, so this is another view, taking in the whole tree.  It is a great spot for fishermen, as the fish seem to love the area - I guess they can get away form the strong current by going underneath the tree!

So join in with me and show your lovely pictures of the word "flow", won't you?

Simply add your details into the linky below, and we can see what you think also!

Will see you back here tomorrow for our new word for next week!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Surprise, Surprise!!

Firstly, I must apologise for there  being no Saturdays Scraps today.  With doctors appointments and blood appointments and xray appointments I have not done one single row of sewing this week!

Tomorrow I, hopefully, I will be able to sit down at the trusty Janome in the outside sewing room, and sew to my little hearts content.

So for now, I have something gorgeous to show you!

Remember THIS picture I showed you last week?

Well, be about to be surprised!

Here she is this week  :-

Went out to the Bali Hut this morning, and there she is, flowering to her hearts content.  Isn't she beautiful?

I knew you would like to see her! See you back here tomorrow evening for our photographs of the word "flow"

Monday, February 17, 2014

Week 6 of 52 Weeks Word Photo Challenge

Hi everyone, welcome to week  6.

Aren't the weeks flying by now? Before we know it this will all be over, and I'll be very sad, so I might have to continue it.  Lets see! (thinks to herself "can I really do it again, Maybe" "We'll see")

Now I'm getting right ahead of myself, so let's get on with this weeks word:

The word for Week 6 is "flow"

Now have a great week with this one, and I'll see you next Sunday with your fabulous photographs.

Bye for  now

Sunday, February 16, 2014

52 Weeks Word Photo Challenge

Welcome everyone, to week 5 of our word challenge.

Time for our photographs of our word for this week, which is "open".

So without ado, here is my photograph:

from bud to flower

Hope you like that one!

Link up your photographs with Mr Linky below, and show us your "open".

Don't forget, I'll be back tomorrow evening with our word for week 6. See you then.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Saturdays Scraps

Welcome friends, to Saturdays Scraps today!

Thanks everyone for your lovely comments on our garden post yesterday, I am humbled by your comments.  We do love our garden and spend lots of time out there, it is a real joy for us. It is lovely to think that you appreciate it as well.

Well now, it's been a while since the last Saturday Scraps, and lots of things have been done.

Can anyone tell me why I h ave to start a new top when I have so many to back and bind? As soon as i see a pattern I like, I have to dive in and give it a go, ignoring the 12 or 13 that I already have to finish!

Never mind, here's the current scrappy:

It is a kaleidoscope pattern with 12" blocks.  I am simply joining them as i go - should be a nice bright quilt, shouldn't it?

Close up of the blocks

Sujata from the Root Connection, has a fabulous tutorial on her gorgeous quilt, Organised Chaos.

It is beautiful, and that is next on my list!

Bags and bags of scraps , along with some doll quilts and other secret stuff, on the table in my Outdoor Sewing Room.

I need to clean up my sewing room inside, so until I do, I will work out here - it's quite pleasant.

Green Tea and Sweet Beans is nearing completion also, I was able to do some hand sewing on this while in hospital.  Won't show any more until it is finished now!

So that's me for now, join in below with Mr Linky and show us your scrappy works!

Friday, February 14, 2014

What's Happening in the Garden


I was sitting out in the bali hut this morning, having my morning coffee, and looking around at the growth and the flowers in the back garden, and I thought to myself "I  am sure that readers of the blog would love to see what's happening in the garden this Summer!"

So, I went inside and grabbed the trusty camera, and then walked around the garden taking lots of pictures for you! Aren't I wonderful to have thought of you like that??

So, without further ado, let's take a stroll around our back garden:

Lets start on the left hand side, as we walk into the garden from the side patio - the cardboard plant on the left and the spider lillies next

Double Frangipani to the left, creamy coloured Allamand
a, Little Red Riding Hood in the hanging pot, Dancing Lady orchids on the palm trunk - self sown Grevillea surrounds the palm trunk now

a second view of that garden section

red Frangipani and blue Plumbago next to the grei\villea

Whit flowering Oak Leaf Grevillea, with Dark Allamamda, growing in the centre garden as you walk into the area, You can see my little blue Buddha under the red Frangipani here

This lovely bright yellow daisy grows under the Wedding Palm along the back fence, near where the ferns have self grown

Around now to the back of the Bali Hut, and the Bat Plants have been transplanted into larger pots and are growing like weeds

The fishpond and fountain at the front of the Bali Hut

A second view of the front of the hut

The view across from the Bali Hut, back to where we came from

Hanging in the Bali Hut are these two lovely Hoyas, the bottom one is "Krinkle", who flowers constantly, and the top one is "Grand Hawaii", and just look at what he is up to:-

He has sent his tendrils upwards to the roof

and acrosds the roof he has gone, twisting under and around the wooden beams

Until he has reached the end of the roof, and sent out a flower bunch!!  Would you believe that one!?

Last, but not least, is my gorgeous little geranium, grown from a cutting I pinched.  I have a problem growing them in the pots, they seem to not like them and would rather be in the ground, but so far this one is doing well.  So pretty, isn't it?

Well that's it for today in the garden, I hope you enjoyed the walk with me.  

I will be back tomorrow with some very interesting scrappy pieceing.  See you then!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Week 5 of 52 Weeks Photo Challenge

Hi everyone!

The Instantaneous pictures that  have seen today have been really clever  - do we all feel that this is helping us look at life through different graded glasses?  I know that I am thinking a lot more carefully about the composition of the photographs I take - so that can't be all bad :):)

So onward for our word for week 5.

The word is "open"

Now that's a bit easier isn't it?

Will see you all back here on Sunday evening, to show our amazing photographs!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Week 4 of 52 Weeks Word Photo Challenge

Welcome my friends to the extended week 4 of our challenge!

Firstly, may I say a heart felt thank you to all of you who left so many lovely messages here for me, when  you realized I was in hospital.  I cannot say how thankful I am to have such caring e-friends, I appreciate all your wishes.

I have only arrived home, so haven't had time to answer everyone individually, so please accept this as my thanks. Rest assured, I am home now, and hopefully, will not have to return to hospital for a while.

So "onward", she shouts, waving her rubber sword forwards, "on with week 4"!

I looked up our word, instantaneous and found that it meant "instantly" or "without any time passing".
So here is my "Instantaneous" picture:

My photograph of the wave caused by a stone being dropped in water - instantly!

That was a hard one I think. I hope this weeks is better!

So feel free to join in with us and post your photograph of our weekly word, anytime you would like to!

I'll see you tomorrow night for week 5 word!

Just sign on with our Mr Linky below: