Thursday, March 28, 2013

Happy Easter

To all our friends, have a happy Easter and don't eat too many chocolate Easter eggs

The Triffids

Boy, are they looking great!

The flower is most unusual, and is really more purple than black.  I've never seen anything like it!

What I thought was a white bat plant seems to be a black one as well, guess we will have to wait and see when it is fully open.  As yo u can see from the images, it is a spectacular plant!

So far, none of them have lifted their roots up out of the pots, and started chasing us, though goodness knows what will happen between now and tomorrow!!

Back In The Garden

Thought you might like to see the flowers or some of them that are currently blooming.

It is still so jot and steamy and the plants are loving it!

A dear little geranium that I pinched a cutting of when I was up in Kilcoy a few weeks ago

All the regular heliconias are still flowering madly

Now this heliconia is supposed to be the giant parrots beak! It has only just flowered after two years, and it's  a really large flower.  It loves this weather

Some More Sewing

Made some skirts over the last few days.  They re made from sarongs that I bought in Bali the last time I was there.

I also made a dress from some jersey I had:

Here is the first skirt - a long one with a beautiful bird on the front. Don't forget that you can click on the picture to get a closer view

This is the back of the first skirt.  I don't seem to have taken a pic of the second skirt - never mind, I'll get around to it!

And here is my jersey long dress.  I need to enlarge the neckline a bit, and finish the hem, but it was so easy, just run up the edges and one end of the jersey (60" wide, and then all you need to do is cut out your neckline and sleeves, no need to sew because the jersey will not run!

Saves tons of time and it looks great!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

I've Been Sewing

Thought you might like to see the bag I have made today, It is all finished.

Here is the pattern I followed:

The Fat Quarter Gypsy Bag. The pattern is simple to follow and is free on the net

This is the front of my bag

Here is the back of my bag!

I have made one change to the pattern - I joined my handles together instead of knotting them, because it has been my experience that knotted handles don't work.

I am also going to sew the sides of the bag together, or attach them somehow, because it looks strange to me with them unsewn.  

I also will be attaching some beads and baubles to it as I really do like it in the batiks.  I'll post a picture when it is all finished.

It is quite a large bag, I think I may make another and cut the size back a little.

Saturday Snapshots

Just a few shots of the garden - the weather is just so hot and humid at the moment, it's like a sauna outside through the day.  Can't do anything out in the garden until the sun drops in the evening

The blood lily has some lovely growth on it now

Our baby ferns get bigger every day

If you look closely, you can just see the flower buds of my Bali Whirl frangipani starting! Can't wait to see those lovely double flowers!

 The orchid is sending roots both up and down and around the palm, and is throwing new shoots out with gay abandon.

The fountain has been re-assembled, now for the water.  Boy, our fish are really holding a grudge against us, they won't come out to say hallo at all, even when I feed them in their makeshift home.  I hope they get over this nonsense when they get back in their forever home again...

The Triffids are Growing

Watch out! Watch out!  They're growing their tentacles!!

Run for your life, before they lift their roots and grab you!!

The babies are growing rapidly, just like in the movie!

If you look closely, you can see another baby! After only a day!!

Is there hope for us, will we be saved!!??

Keep watching this space!!

Friday, March 22, 2013



In case anyone will be switching to Bloglovin, I am hereby claiming my blog. Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Attack of the Triffids!!

We noticed this morning that the Bat Plants are beginning their flowering!

Now try and tell me that this white bat plant is not a Triffid!! ):):):

Here are some baby Triffids!!
Here are two buds on the black bat plant as well.  So exciting!!

Fishpond Update

Well three days later the poor fish are still in their temporary home, they will be for quite a few days yet.

Their real home has been waterproofed three times so far with this special "stuff" which is fish friendly etc etc.  Then it needs to be cured for a few days before adding the water and then getting it prepared for the fish kids to go home.

So this is how the area is looking now:

Right now I think the fish will never forgive us, though they will be happy in their fixed house I'm sure. Eventually. Hopefully!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Saturday Snapshots

Welcome back to Saturday Snapshots. Glad to see you!

Well, we have had a very exciting day today - the fishpond has been leaking, so we finally got around to removing all the bits, and our friend lifted out all fountain, and we will paint it with waterproof paint, hopefully tomorrow.

the tank/fountain all taken apart.   What fun it was catching all the fish!

This is where our poor babies have to live until their home is repaired.   Have to protect them against birds, hence the cover.

They were in shock for so long! They finally venture out to eat

Tommy has always been frightened of the fish, he can't work out how they survive and jumps backwards each time they move

Priscilla and Tommy got bored, so went cane toad hunting.

join in with your snapshots for the week, and lets make it a happening thing!

PS - Who can see what is wrong with the quilt from yesterday??

Friday, March 15, 2013

Quilt Tops Finished

Yesterday was our Thursday Sewing group, and the girls came over and we all sewed and chatted and laughed for a few hours!

I finished these two:

 A close up of the blocks -

It turned out so pretty

The batik pack produced this

And a close up of some of the pretty batiks.

Both will be single bed size, once they are backed and bound.

Do you like them?

Monday, March 11, 2013

Saturday Snapshots on Monday

We have just had the busiest weekend, and I'm sorry  was unable to find the time to drop by!

But here I am again with Snapshots, even if they are late!

Here are some close ups of the trees in the front garden - the branches are hanging down now, with the weight of all the flowers:

Here are some more photoes of the back garden, we still have been unable to mow the lawn properly, because the ground is waterlogged, and Alan sinks up to his ankles when he walks over the grass! So excuse the weeds:

and of course, a piccie of our gorgeous little girl sunning herself!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Bird Tree

We have this beautiful tree flowering in our front garden at the moment.

I'm sorry I've forgotten the name of it, all I can remember is that it is a rain forest tree! For all the good that does!!

Anyhow, it is covered in the most beautiful yellow flower bunches:

It is looking beautiful alongside the purple flowering bush

This blue headed Supreme Honey Eater loves it also!

Just click on the pictures and you will be able to see them better.

Haircut Day

Today was haircut day for Tommy and Priscilla.

The sun was shining a bit (for a short while!) so off we went down to Linda's house.

Poor Tommy was first - he was being a problem child!

But of course, now he is a handsome boy again!

Priscilla had decided it was time to leave when her turn came, I  had no chance to photograph her afterwards, she was straight into the car and ready to come home!

Linda always does a great job with their haircuts.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Saturday's Snapshots

I'll continue with my Saturday Snapshots and show you what is happening at my place.

 It's raining, it's pouring, the old man is snoring

 Poor old Penelope loves her cat house ( known by us humans as the Bali hut)

He bumped his head on the back of the bed

and he couldn't get up in the morning!!

Rain, rain everywhere!

The garden is inundated

You can see the water lying around everywhere - it can't get away

You can also see that the garden still needs weeding - desperately now

We haven't been able to work over the grass for so long now - the weeds are really taking over, though it should be easy to remove them once we can get to them!