Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Another Gardening Day

We spent time in the garden again today, just to finish off a few things that we didn't get to yesterday.  So again we had a busy day, but it is good to see the work getting done, of course it makes such a difference to have the garden looking just that bit neater.

So here is our old cat, Ms Penelope Superfoot, just having a few words with Buddha.   For some reason she insists on drinking the water out of this little pond, even after the birds have bathed in it and left their calling cards.  Good view of her rear end anyhow, she would have to be 16 years old now and the most placid cat I have ever known.  She is much spoiled.

So here is another view of the garden and you can see where Penelope was sitting previously.

The fountain in this picture is home to our 7 goldfish.  They have grown so large, I never realized just how large goldfish grew and they have the appetite of a pig - not being rude to pigs, but that's what they act like!  I didn't get any other pics today, I'll have to start carrying the camera with me all the time and use it whenever I can.  I'll do my best.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon
obviously the second time it worked so will send as Anonymous.

You have a great garden, much love has gone into it....
Linda x

Shaz said...

Thank you Linda, yes much love has gone into our garden, and much sweat and sore muscles too!!!