Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Triffids are now Ready!!

So I ventured out into the back garden this morning, just to check on the Bat Plants for you!

And this is what I saw:-

They are just about ready to attack!!

Head for the hills!!

Take Care
(did you like that?)

Saturday, March 7, 2015

A Garden Update

Well it is sort of:):)

Just a few pics that I took on my new mobile, around the garden yesterday:-

Yje ferns at the base of the Wedding Palm are looking good, and you can see the Begonia to the right side - it is filling the pot and looking fabulous!

Everything along the fence  line is bursting with life

Tommy investigating a lizard in the garden

Tha pandanus is putting on a spurt of growth - it loves the rain and the humidity we hav e been having

Here's Priscilla looking for goodness knows what!  the lawn needs mowing again!\

Back into the middle garden, and everything is thickening up nicely - even the triangle palm has added lots of fronds

The beautiful Allamanda beside the hut has been chopped back innumerable times this past Summer, but it is still flowering madly!

The fountain, the fish are still all going strong - apart from one that got eaten b y some bird!!

The Oakleaf Frangipani has almost flowered itself into non existance this year!

Just a close up of it's flowers - unfortunately it has no perfume

This Aglaenoma lives on my kitchen island

This shows how long it has been since we ate sweet potato!  I'm thinking of planting it somewhere in the garden, but Alan says  we have no room now - I think he is right

Take Care

Warning! Warning! Watch For The Triffids!!

The Triffids are here! The Triffids are here! Beware!

 I had a strange feeling yesterday morning, that someone, or something, was watching me.

I gathered up my courage and ventured out into the back garden.  This is what I saw:-

 Some buds on the Bat Plant ! 10 of them - though you can't see them well in this photograph. Click on the pictures to see them better.

 I ventured a little closer.....

 Yesterday afternoon this is how they looked.....

This morning, this is what is happening.....

again, this morning, they have grown so tall!

Goodness knows what they will be like tomorrow!

Buds on the Bat Plant ! How fast they grow!

Wonder how they will look tomorrrow?

Take Care

Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Old Picture Challenge 2015

Welcome, my friends, to our February old photographs for the word "nightmare".

I'm quite sure that this got the old brain cells working hard, well it did for me, anyhows!

Firstly I must thank everyone who replied to y post about the Blogger comments problems I was having - I'm still having them, even though all your comments came through! (Or at least I think they did, how would i know?!)

I have decided simply to not worry any more about Blogger -so if I don't leave comments on your blog, please forgive me, cos  I can't.  No use crying over it.

So enough of that - it's time for pictures!!

My nightmares are as follows -

Piecing this whole quilts worth, then finding a mistake when it was all put together! Can you see it?

ANYTHING that requires me to piece precisely is enough to give me a severe migraine and terrible nightmares!  I just don't do precise!

Imagine what a nightmare it would be if you had to hand cut all these tumblers!

I love my Go Baby!

The devil threw up at the entrance to our local park - it still gives people nightmares!!! Concrete Devils' Balls!

So there's my offerings - and the word for March is:- "Growth"

I look forward to seeing your nightmares

Just sign in with Mr Linky and let's see

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Oh Those Secrets!!

This is what I say while I am sitting here thinking about writing a quick post on this blog - I'm flat out busy, but I can't tell anyone about it, because everything I'm doing is a big fat secret!!

This is so frustrating!!

This weekend we are settled down in the house, waiting for the rain to stop - you may have heard of the Cyclone that hit Yeppoon    early this morning, we are very lucky that the winds have died right down before hitting Brisbane.

There is some minor flooding in low lieing areas, but nothing near where we are, thank goodness!

It has gone past us and is travelling fairly fast now, and almost at the border.  They say that it may circle back up to the Coral Sea, wonder if they will still call her "Marcia" if she picks up again and returns??

If I had some time , I would do some quilting, just to have something to post about!!  Never mind, the time will come when I can show you what I have been up to, and you will be in for a surprise, so I won't carry on about it....

Well that's all the excitement here for now, I hope you are all safe in your homes and not as wet as we are!!

Take Care

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Help Me with Blogger Please!!!

I am about to go stark ravin' mad with these problems I seem to be having with comments, both on this blog and on others!!

Does anyone know if Blogger has changed something without telling us mere mortals? or is it just me?

I can't comment on my friends blogs, my comments are just being thrown into the big , black hole that is the internet, and never showing up where they are supposed to.  I have also been told that the same thing is happening on this blog - that people are having problems leaving comments.  I have checked all my settings, and they haven't changed at all.

At least it means that I'm not unloved and unwanted, like I thought I was when noeone commented for weeks!!

So any help would be gratefully accepted - PLEASE, PLEASE, please save my sanity!!

Take Care

Busy Sunday in the Garden

Hallo all, I'm glad you have dropped by!

As usual, this post is picture heavy - to show what Alan & I were up to today out in the garden! One of the hottest, sunniest, most humid days, we decide to work out in the garden. I suppose it's our way though!

So let's start with the pictures and a running commentary on what's happening:-

I repotted these plants into larger pots ( breaking one in the process, unfotunately

Here's the piece I broke off the top - I am letting it dry out and will pot it up soon - then we will have 2 of them!

I thought that I had lost the mint that was growing in this pot - but if you look closely , you can see it coming on again - so plenty of water for it now!!

Here is the bali Hut with no furniture - Alan is preparing the timber for re - oiling tomorrow.

and here is a closer look at the re potted plants - you can see the top missing from the back one!

Back to the entrance to the back garden - we have been pulling all the large ferns from around the cycad here - can you see the flower bud forming in the middle of the plant?  All the ferns were smothering the poor thing - still have plenty more to pull out though.

So, walking around the garden in a clockwise direction - look to your right and here is a new baby Eureka Lemon tree - can't wait for him to grow up - I LOVE lemons!!

Behind the lemon is this Bird of Paradise - this is the first time this one has flowered, moving it must have helped!

On the other side of the walk way is my lovely Oak Leaf Frangipani - it has flowered well this year.

Along the back fence, the ferns are doing well - all weeded and watered, The  self sewn ferns on the palm trunk now need to be removed - can you see how the trunk is beginning to shed it's bark? So there's another job for tomorrow!

The corner at the back of the Bali Hut - the bromeliads here have grown massively since I planted them - I think they must love the spot under the Golden Canes!

 My Lavender and Rosemary I am growing in pots - they have been potted on into larger pots also.

So we are now collapsing inside, after visiting the dog park and having our dinner here at home - it has been a very long hot day!

Take Care