Monday, July 28, 2014

The Wedding Quilt

Remember the bits and pieces and embroidery I did for my friends son and his wife for their wedding quilt?

Well, here is a picture of it for you - not very clear, but it shows some of it!

A second friend is quilting it for Elizabeth.  It apparently was far too big if Elizabeth used all the blocks we made, and so she made some pillow/cushions to go with it.

I haven't got a picture of those yet, but when I do I will post it.

Isn't it looking lovely?

Week 29 of 52 Weeks Word Photo Challenge

WOW, the weeks are really flying!

With no ado at all I shall give you this week's word!

The word for week 29 is "fan".

"nother good one!! Have fun with it....

Hope you all have a great week, and i'll see you later on!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Good Weekend

Yesterday, Saturday here, we drove a bit and picked up our grandson, to come and stay overnight and go to see a movie with me ( He is my rent a kid!!)

We had a great time and actually went to see "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes", because I wanted to see it as I have a soft spot for Caeser! We both thought the movie was pretty good, and I made myself sick on popcorn and sweet lollies! - well why not, we only do it once in the blue moon!!

So this morning we had breakfast and then out to the hut in the back garden where I showed Aaron baby photos of himself and embarrassed him - I love doing that with the grandkids!!

Here is Aaron with Priscilla, who has decided he's pretty good now.

Isn't it strange how grandchildren never smile unless they are threatened with death, just for 1 picture? I give up!

So we returned Aaron to his home and spent the afternoon in the garden.

Good weekend.

52 Weeks Word Photo Challenge

Hi everyone! Like I said previously, this was a great easy word for me, and lots of fun!

I have a pretty not well known secret to tell you - we actually own a torch - or two or three or five or six and so on ad nauseum!  Alan buys himself a torch like other men buy nails!! If only I had a dollar for every torch he has bought, I would be a rich in money person!!

He'll hate me saying that, because , as he always ecplains to me, "it is not him that is wrong, the torches always fall to pieces and won't work, usually it's the switch. "  So he needs a new one.

So here we are currently:-

So, here we are - not one of these is a working torch.

I rest my case.

So enter with Mr Linky below and lets see your torch!

See you back here tomorrow evening for our next word!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Week 28 of 52 Weeks Photo Challenge

Hallo, my friends!  It seems like only yesterday it was week 27!

So here we are again, waiting with bated breath for our new word! What fun!

So, the word for this week is:- "torch".

Not too bad I reckon.  Will see you back here next Saturday evening for our show n tell then.

Don't forget, anyone and everyone is welcome to join in at any time, simply take your picture of "torch" and join us next Saturday.

Have a good week and take care.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

52 Weeks Word Photo Challenge

Hi, I told you I would be back soon!

So here we are for another week, to look at our "mobile" photographs.  I'm sure this week will be interesting!

So, I shall put mine forward for your critique!

I had an awful time with this word at first - I couldn't work out how to photograph a person being "mobile" but then I had a "Uereka!" moment followed by an epiphany and here is a picture of my own mobile phone!. This is the phone that is always either lost or out of battery power!  I hate mobile phones with a vengeance so this poor little thing hardly ever sees the light of day - it's on this dirty old seat where i found it. Poor neglected thing!

Anyhows, enough of my poor old phone, lets see what you have! Join in with Mr Linky below and let us all look!

The Postie Called1

and look what he bought for me!

A lovely doll quilt from Sharon in New York, and a little dollie to go with it!  The little dollie is now with the other dolls, and the quilt is in my sewing room. Sharon was my July partner and so very organised, I am still working on her little quilt.

I am such a lucky girl!  I keep saying this, I know, but i really am!!!

I will be back soon with our Mr Linky for our weekly word.  See you then!