Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Progress on Orphan Quilt No 1

Well, today has been an extremely busy day!

Here I am onto the second half of the vertical line quilting - this quilt is such a monster that I can only to half of it at a time, or it just won't fit!

Almost to the end - I have Jan set for the largest stitch she can do, to try and make my life a bit easier!!

And here she is, all the vertical quilting is done, and i have trimmed her and am starting to do a little bit of horizontal quilting around just some of the blocks - I can't face manhandling it through the machine again!

Surprisingly, I have only found a couple of pleats - and they have been on the front, not the backing!  So she went together fairly well!

Tomorrow is the binding and then the full showing!

Wish me luck....

Monday, April 21, 2014

Week 15 of 52 Weeks Word Photo Challenge

Hi everyone - hope you have had a good week and a lovely Easter!

The word for Week 15 is: - "ball"

Should be another nice easy one, don't you agree?

Don't forget anyone is welcome to join in at any time

I will be back through the week to show you my progress on the Orphan Quilt Mark 1!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

52 Weeks Word Photo Challenge

Here we are again, pleased to see you here with me!

So, this weeks word was "point", here's my offering ( I hope you know quilting, or I'm doomed!!:):))

So here is my "point"

and this one is chopped off!
They are both on my Orphans Quilt No 1 - so go figure!!!

Looking forward to seeing your "point's", just sign up with Mr Linky below:

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Orphan Quilt No. 1 Progress

Well, as promised yesterday, here is the progress I have made on this quilt.

It's not much I'm afraid. Alan and I laid the quilt out for me to baste it, and it was just such a monster job that I decided just to start at one end and work my way slowly to the other , without basting!  So far it's going okay

Here I am at the beginning, I think I'm on the second or third row of stitching here.
I have started on the right side of the quilt and am heading to the left side, or as far as I can go towards the left side, I tried to start in the middle, but the rolled quilt would not fit under the machine throat!

This is after about 6 rows. It is really quite simple at the moment, so keep everything straight as the old sheet i am using as backing is quite good to pull as I go, to stop it from creasing.  This is the centre of the right side

Here is the bottom edge of the right side - so far so good!  Poor old Jan was running quite hot by this stage - the quilt is quite thick in some spots - so I turned her off to let her rest!
Hopefully I will manage to get a lot more done tomorrow!

So that is where I am at, hope you are all ready for our picture show tomorrow evening!

See you here then! Have a nice Sunday - it's Easter Sunday here tomorrow.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Help for my Orphans

Lately I have been quite out of sorts with my sewing, feeling that I had lost my mojo and simply could not get on top of things.  Lack of "the necessary" to buy batting and things was really getting on top of me!

So yesterday I was sorting through my linen cupboard, and came across this old bought bed quilt which was threadbare and torn. All the stuffing inside it was lumpy and, really, it was good for nothing. I was about to throw it out when

I had this brilliant light flash in my head!!

What if I grabbed all my orphan blocks, orphan quilt tops, bits and pieces, and made a new quilt out of it all, using this old thing as batting, along with an old sheet for backing!!??

So, with great purpose, I set about pulling all my orphan blocks, all the orphan tops, all the bit 'n' pieces out of my sewing room in the house, and out to my sewing room on the side patio.

I used my bed as a flat surface, to place the bits on top of the old bed quilt, and set about sewing them all together.

Well, I have enough orphan bits to make at least four quilts from, so this is a real challenge!

Here's some pics from today:-

Here is the orphans quilt, waiting on it's final border to bring it up to 79" x 85".

Sewing all the pieces together for the final border

Attaching the final border to the quilt.

This quilt will be too heavy for me to handle to bast, so I will have to get Alan to help me tomorrow, so that I can start the quilting on it - somehow I think it will be just straight line quilting because it is just to big and I don't know how easy it will go under the machine foot! I'll find out tomorrow!!

I have included in this top some blocks from an old swap in 2009! That's why I have so many orphans!!

I'm really excited about finishing this quilt, it will be so colourful and fun to look at.

Hopefully, my mojo will return now, and i can finish the puff quilt for Alan's seat, start some blocks for my friends wedding quilt, and sew some baby quilts for Alans great grand daughter, due to be born at the end of May!! 

I'll show you how I'm going with this tomorrow.
Have a nice day.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Doll Quilts Monthly Swap

Today I received my doll quilt from my partner for March, Julianne from California.

She has made it so gorgeous, and from scrap fabrics! How did she know??

Isn't it simply adorable?

I have also finished my dolls quilt for my April partner, Vickie from Salina in USA.   Our theme for this month is "diamonds are forever".  Here's just a sneak peek, but only of the back. Hope she likes scrappy!:

So there are my claims to fame today - apart from madly piecing for my next scrappy quilt - more to come on that one though!

Hope you all had a nice day!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Week 14 of 52 Weeks Word Photo Challenge

I am seeing some cute dogs with last weeks word - they are all beautiful, because they are canines!

The word for this week is:- "point".

I'm sure this will be just as easy for everyone! I think it's time we had some easy ones, don't you?

Don't forget, anyone can join in at any time. All are welcome!