Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Blankets are Coming Along

Remember the  blanket that I showed you in my last post, the one where Jessica and Aaron had come to visit?

Well, here it is now:

So here it is on the Queen sized bed.  I decided to make all the squares 24" square, and so have been madly crocheting to get them all enlarged and crocheted together!

Remind me not to do that again, please!

It has tasken forever, and I am still not finished!! Everything else has been left while I got this done, and unfortunately, when the squares are this big, they stretch beyond belief!! They stretch more than 10%, which makes it really difficult to work out    how many I need for a given bed. So I am just winging it till it looks right.

It will stretch more anyhows!!

He re's all the blocks piled up that need to be attached.

Here's another view of the monster on the bed!!

 Here is a cute picture of Priscilla - she says "Hi"

Take Care

Some Garden Pics for You

I thought today that it has been so very long since I showed you what is happening in our back garden, I decided to take a few pics so you wouldn't feel left out!!

We shall start at the side of the garden, the site of massive pruning back and removal of one very naughty tree not long ago, as I showed you HERE. That was in April just passed, and here is how things are looking in that area now, after a long cold winter:

So, here we are, entering the garden from the side path, the cycads are doing very well, and the large one that you see here, has a cone beginning in the centre.

a step further along is a paved area, with geraniums, desert rose and some bulbs in pots. A draceana grows in a pot behind, and on the fence there is some wire, and a lovely variegated bouganvillea is planted there. It has white flowers edged in pink - very pretty.

The bromeliads growing up the tall palm are going really well!

Here we are, on the other side of the tall palm. This is the spot where the nuisance tree grew previously, Little red riding hood grows in the hanging basket, a native vine on the fence, and a little shrub that I have just planted in the front, it has pretty pink flowers, and doesn't grow too tall. The red frangipani is just beginning to grow its new leaves on the right. Hopefully it will be a lot happier now, without the tree over shadowing it!

To your right, here is the middle garden with my Eureka Lemon tree growing well.  The monk faces Buddha in the back corner.

The back left hand corner of the garden, bromeliads and palms, all very happy after a shower of rain last night.

The middle garden fromn the Bali Hut side. The triangle palm behind the bird bath is finally putting on some growth - it has been there for so many years, its about time!!

Here you can see the garden from the back opf the house.

Those two pics were the orchids behind the Bali Hut, all flowering madly. 

The Bat Plants have certainly put on some growth since flowering last - we are wondedring how many flowers they will comer up with this time!  Somef have self sown into the garden around their pots, which is lovely.

I have just potted up these two lovely frangipanis, at the back of the main bedroom. Hope they get enough sun here, I may have to move them later on when summer really hits, because they love the hot sun.

I hope you enjoyed that little look around the garden, everything is just waiting for the Summer so they can roar into life!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

I'm Back Again!!

You just can't get rid of me, can you !?

Been so long, so now I will show you some things.

Our beautiful grand children came to visit us just last week - jessica drove, as she has finally got her license.

Here they are!

I think this is a lovely picture of both Jessica and Aaron

Here they are at Jessica's car - what a cutie!

Showing off

That big fat thing in the middle is someone impersonating me! (Note to self - GO ON THAT DIET FATTY!)

Here is how Sophie is going - I am adding extra rows onto two ends, to make her a rectangle now. You can see some of them up the top of this photo

I just have three extra rows on this end - still more to add, then we are on the final turn and heading for home!

This is another blanket I am working on at the moment - the squares measure around 12"

This square measures around 24". and will be one of the  corners for the 12" squares.

These little flowers will be another blanket - this is a join as you go 

So that is  about it for now, life goes on with it's usual haste, and I keep jumping between one thing and the other and never finish!!

Take care.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Thursday, July 23, 2015

So Here is How Sophie is Going

Hi everyone, hope you are all well as we are!

Sophie has continued to take up a lot of hours for me, and every stitch is a special one.  I am so pleased with her!

So here she is, almost in all her glory:-

So here she is today.  I'm pleased with how my colours are working out.

A corner view,all the stitches look so complicated, yet in reality they are simple stitches put together in a different way.

She is thrown down in a heap after starting the next row.

A view of my rearranged sewing room, and this is where I sit each day to work on my Sophie - obviously I work best in a mess!

When I need a break with something restful, I do a few of these little star blocks, they are quick and simple, good for resting the eyes.

I also have worked on this block, but I'm not really liking the colours so will have to start again.

So there she is for your viewing pleasure (I know, I think she is gorgeous too:):)

Hope you enjoyed seeing her

Take Care

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Now This is a Great Giveaway!

Just wanted to let all my crochet friends know about the fabulous giveaway currently running on Oombawka Designs  with Rhondda.

It is a fabulous pack of yarn with Clover Amour hooks, stitch markers and other lovely things. Perfect for the mad crocheter in me, and you too, so hop over to HERE , and take a look!

Rhondda can explain it a lot better than I can!

I've been ridiculously busy with my Sophie and other bits, but I've got some great pics to show you, so I'll see you back here tomorrow! ( I took the pictures with my new mobile, just before the battery ran out, so now, of course, I have to charge it up  before I can download the pictures!! Stupid, that's all I can say...)

Take Care

Sunday, June 28, 2015

My Sophie

Firstly my friends, I must thank you for your beautiful comments on my Sophies Universe last week!  You were all so kind and it was really lovely to read what was said, gives me much happiness.

Sophie is turning into an octagon this week!

So here she is again - I have just this moment finished the orange row:-

Here I have done another 12 or so rows since the last time.

I am pleased with the colours I have chosen, it is confusing though, because I don't read ahead in the pattern. so I have just been lucky with my colour placement so far!

I noticed here that my tulips don't line up with their stems very well- but this is the way they will stay I'm afraid!  Too much work to undo and redo so I'm not...

You may notice HERE that I have now removed those multi coloured petals - I'm thinking they may look better in yellow. They just didn't look right with the variegated tulips so close to them - too garish, even for me!!

I have realised something about myself that I wasn't aware of previously.  Normally, I have at least 2 or 3 or even more, things on the go at once.  Then I'll think of something else that I want to do, so I'll start that as well, while it's fresh in my mind.  Crazy.

Doing this blanket has been really good for me - I am always so interested in what is going to happen next, my mind is totally  occupied and I don't think of starting anything else!  So, I must need the variety that this project is giving me, and this is why I don't read the pattern ahead, so that it is a surprise for me when I read it first. Is that logical?

So now I will have to find other patterns with this type of variety in them, to keep me on the straight and narrow!

This past week, we have had our grand daughters up in Brisbane from Young.  They were very busy, rushing here and there to see everything that they wanted to see, and we drove them out to the airport last Thursday, to catch the plane home.  I have been working on something as a gift, and got them to deliver it for me, to their mother:

A shawl to wrap herself in and hopefully keep a bit warm  - their temperatures have been minus degrees at night and just teenage figures through the day!

No wonder the girls want to move up here!

So that's me for this, hope you are all doing well

Take care