Thursday, January 31, 2013

Crochet blog Is Up!

Hop on over to Sharyn's Crochet Space and check it out!

I still  have some more buttons and things to add to it, but basically it is up and running.

I hope you like it

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

More flood pictures

This road is not far from our house, it is now blocked completely

Underneath all this water there is a road

It is quite a wide road

 I think you can see the boys paddling their kayaks in this one!

 In this shot, there is a public toilet building (painted blue), a skateboard rink and a cricket and soccer field!

The water was much higher up this morning but I didn't have my camera with me of course!

I have also learnt how to mark pictures with watermarks!  Now I just have to remember to do it!

Wild Queensland Weather!

I've been absent for a few days - had no power from Sunday afternoon until Monday afternoon, and the storms were incredible!

The wind howled like the proverbial banshee and the rain came in torrents. Nearly all weekend it lasted.

Luckily the garden has survived, I am very proud of our plants, even though a few are bending a little still, hopefully they will straighten up now.

I hear that we may be in for more rain tonight also! Really it's that last thing we need!

We live in the Logan area, just a block or two back from the Logan River, and in the nine years we have lived here, we have never seen the river rise so much, it has cut roads off and there have been a number of evacuations around.
A few pics:

A view of the dog park, where we take Tommy and Priscilla each afternoon

The young couple in the previous picture had their dogs in the park

Their dogs were having an absolute ball in the water!

 Here they are again, swimming and jumping around

We drove around to the park this morning, to find that the water had crept up to the small tree in the foreground above! Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink!

Friday, January 25, 2013

It's Still Raining!!!

and we are just so excited!
I hear that the powers that be will release Wivenhoe Dam tonight, followed up by the secondary dam tomorrow night, thanks to the lovely Cyclone who is heading our way over this weekend - not as a full cyclone, but pretty wet and wild none-the-less. They say we can expect between 200 and 300 mm tomorrow and Sunday.

To prove what I say I have taken some wonderful wet pictures:

See, the garden is growing massively!

And here is water on the hut floor!

The whole garden is a joy to behold at the moment, with all the showers the flowers are all trying to outdo one another!

My cuttings are about to burst out of their pots! That coriander in the bottom right hand pot, was next to dead 2 days ago - it has loved the real rain!

Thank you Diane, I'm sure that your wishes were the reason for all this water - at this point I scream "Thank you, thank you"!!

I may not feel this way for long though, once the dam is released!!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Day at the Movies

Cover photo

Today I took my gorgeous grandson Aaron to the movies, and we watched "The Hobbit".

Boy oh boy what a movie! These producers have the most amazing ability to bring their demons alive! I find it remarkable that people have such amazing vision.

I really did enjoy the show even though at times it seemed to be a little violent. I certainly jumped in shock a couple of times, and of course it finished on a high which makes you want to go and see the next movie!

 Aaron and I now have a date for the Hobbit 2 movie when it comes out.


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

We Have Had Rain !!!!

It's been raining since yesterday evening, I'm so pleased and so is the garden - things that were just drifting along have suddenly opened their flowers and put on some new buds!

Now we are hoping that the rain keeps up for a few more days!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Green Tea and Sweet Beans

Do you remember this gorgeous quilt pattern that I was SO pleased to receive last year?
Well I have finally started to assemble some of the blocks - this will be my hand/machine quilt for 2013;

I only needed one of these blocks, so I machined it from scraps.

I need three of these, so I think the machine is okay for the first cross, but the second I will do by hand. I have just placed the pieces here to show you how they go.

Some\ of the pieced a really tiny, so hand work will be the go. I will show you as I go!

A New Quilt Block

Last Thursday, my quilting friends and I started this really pretty block:

It is a really simple way to make an hourglass block, but I'm no longer sure where we found it.
It does entail sewing together 2 x 2 1/2 inch strips and then cutting the triangles from them - it all happens so quickly.

I'm sure one of my friends will let me know the pattern details again!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Great Sunday

Alan & I spent a lovely afternoon today, with my 2 beautiful grandchildren and family.

We had a lovely lunch and took these photographs, aren't my grandchildren beautiful?

Sunday Snippets

We're baaack!
Look out for "A Crochet Space" coming your way shortly.

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year!

Now to Sunday Snippets with Tinniegirl :-Join us if you will,

 Gee, I was so excited about being back, and now blogger won't let me post any pictures! I just don't believe this!! I'll try again:

 Still no luck at 10.00pm, so I will try again tomorrow and have a Sunday Snippets on Monday instead!

 Had no luck on Monday, but a friend in blogland ( Hi Diane!!) sent me some details of how to make things work again, so now I'll try this:-

 It must be me, but it still won't work! I'll try again tomorrow.

I have been trying since last Sunday to upload these photographs! I did a lot of research online, and found that Internet Exploror is what was causing the problem, so I downloaded Google Chrome, and here I am, back on line again!!

So now I find that Tinniegirl is taking a short break from blogging now, so anyhow these are my Sunday Snippets! Hope you enjoyed!