Thursday, October 13, 2011

Trip to Fiji

A year or two ago, Alan and I had a lovely holiday in Fiji. We loved the island and will definitely go back there again.

 We stayed at the Warwick Hotel on the Coral Coast and can recommend it. The staff were all lovely and the scenery wonderful. Above is the front entrance of the hotel, as below:

 The gardens were beautiful, with plants that we can grow here easily.

This is a pic of the restaurant out in the water. 

The men light these flares every evening at dusk, and they place them along the walkway to the restaurant, to light the diners way.

Just along the beach was a little group of shops, run by the Fijians.  These ladies were sitting on the sand making items to sell in their shops.

You can see this ladies shop behind her - tin walls and dirt floor, but they were lovely to talk with and the goods were cheap.  I actually bought that white dress  with the big blue flowers that you can see behind this lady!

These ladies were catching fish in the water - probably for their lunch.  They simply walk out into the water and catch the fish with a hand net, or even with their bare hands.  Some of them use a light fishing line

They dry off very quickly after fishing in the tropical heat!

We took a tour in a long boat up into the mountains to a village where we had to drink the kava offered to us. Not the nicest thing I've ever drunk!  In the village was the local nurse and her little makeshift nurses station.  That's me above with some children from the village.  In those days I had very long hair which I wore in a plait this day, and the little boy in the red t shirt was totally amazed by my hair and wanted to touch it all the time!  They are not used to long hair that is straight so it was a real novelty for the children.

That trip up the river was an amazing experience, and one we will never forget.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sharyn
how interesting to know you were at the Warwick. This is where Belinda was married and we had the most wonderful other daughter Bec and her husband Anthony go again in about 3 weeks. We absolutely loved it and will go back for sure....
See you Thursday...Linda x

Christa Kirsch said...

Hi,Sharon this is a beautyfull Picture of you and the Kids ! i,can see you had heaps of fun and it looks so great to see you happy and enjoying your holiday ! good on you !!!
Love Christa !