Monday, October 17, 2011

My Sewing Room

I am lucky to have my own room for sewing.  I don't think I will ever have it arranged totally to my liking.

Looking in from the doorway to the sewing table. Cutting table in front - I never put anything away when I'm working, it just piles up around me

The white cupboard here is filled with everything important - fabric, batting , all sorts of stuff,  bookcase full of books and other important bits (please don't ask!) Other rolling cupboards filled with scraps and UFO's

Towards the  entrance with UFO's hanging, trying to entice me to finish them

Fabric sitting waiting to be assembled into something spectacular - three jobs on the go at once here - and nothing getting finished!!


Anonymous said...

Wow Sharon looks like you are pretty busy with projects on the go like Tanya. My sewing room has stuff piled up around me too so if you find a way for that not to happen let me know lol.
Jeanie Beanie

Tanya Simmons

Only 3 projects on the go. Your not really trying.
Had a great day hanging quilts. Have already bought some fabric, well I haven't paid for it yet.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sharyn for sharing your sewing room.....glad you have unfinished things to do, me too....My sewing is done in the laundry, not nearly as much room as you....I start off trying to keep tidy, but that flys out the window pretty quick....thanks again....see you Thursday...
Linda x