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I have started doing scrumbles again after not having done any for years!

Here are a few  I have done:

Sorry about the colour on this picture! The circle on the left is green, the flash drowned it!

This scrumble on the top left side is still in progress, the circles are still to be added.

I fished this one out of the cupboard, I did it years ago! Think I got carried away with the orange fur yarn.  Have to fix that...

These are the yarns I have scrumbled with so far, aren't they lovely!

This book by Jenny Dowde is really fabulous if you are interested in scrumbling.  It has lots of pictures and explanations of stitches and blocks to work - I find it invaluable.

Also of real interest is Prudence Mapstone's blog, she does some amazing work!

I still have this big bucket of yarn to work with, so I don't think I'll run out of yarn anytime soon!  Isn't it exciting, all the possibilities!

Progress on the Shawl

I have begun the fringe on the shawl now, this is how it is looking:

I am using 3 strands of yarn, the two mohair blue on top and this lovely moda multicoloured yarn, I'm really pleased with the way it is shaping up.  I have had to shorten the shawl somewhat, because when I sat it was right under my bott!

With the tassels I am crocheting, it will be lovely, actually, it is so cold here now that I wish it was finished already!!

Do you like the long multi coloured fringe?

I've found a great Blog!

It is written by a lady called Angie and is called Le monde de Sucrette and it is so full of colour and amazing work. 

I have even become a follower of her blog, and she has got me interested in granny sqares again!

I have these two old books:

This is written by the late  Melody Griffiths and has some lovely patterns and projects to do - will try and get some done...

200 Crochet Blocks by Jan Eaton , Angie has been crocheting two blocks a day and using this book for some.

That will be one BIG blanket!!

A rainy Saturday

It was pouring down rain all day today, so instead of doing what I should be doing, which is quilting the birthday quilt, I have spent the day crocheting.  I have done lots of pieces for scrumbles, and then I took this and look what happened to it-

It's morphed into something! -

think I'll add some more tentacled things, and it will be coral!  What do you think?


It's finished morphing!

I think I'm happy with the coral scene now!

Finished Shawl

I'm also happy with the shawl - I will add some special fringeing as I make it.


Been Scrumbling Again

I am starting to assemble some scrumbles here:

They are so nice assembled - I am using both knitting and crochet in all of them, and some tunisian crochet as well.

Still have these to go:

Think I might make a handbag to start...

My Mum Won't Talk To Me!

For some reason, my mum seems to be a little angry with me!  She keeps saying strange things like "What did you think you were doing?" and Why did you do this, when I just wanted to give her a game to play. I worked very hard at this and even though I only had a few minutes (before she found me), I think I did rather well.  Take a good look now, and tell me -What do you think?

One day, will someone please explain to me why I am in the bad books??

4th July 2012
I have made a roll for my crochet hooks.  They usually sit all together in a plastic container, but I decided that they need some nice rolls ( I have lots!) to house them in.

Here is the first one:

I had a great time making this one, it only took a couple of hours and it was finished.

The only problem is that it will only hold 7 hooks, so I need to make more.  I have put the hooks I use most often in this one, I love the little pocket in the middle so I can put my scissors etc and keep everything together.

I got the pattern off Ravelry, I think it is a great pattern, I only need to make it bigger next time.

Next crochet job is a roll for my Tunisian crochet hooks, they're all rolling around in the bottom of a yarn storage container!

7th July 2012

It has been just so cold here lately, so when I need a break from sewing, I am getting into my knitting and crochet.  I can knit or crochet at night whilef Alan & I are watching television, it's far more portable than a sewing machine!!

So this is what I have done so far:

My poor dollie, she sits in the sewing room and watches over me.  She had no clothes! (except a sarong)

Now she has a knitted striped skirt and a crocheted beret with a pompom ( a little big large, but she doesn't mind!)  She needs a jumper, some knickers and some socks still.

I finished this crocheted Tunisian needle keep. I only have 3 long tunisian needles luckily, so now they are safe and warm!

I have started this zig zag blanket for the lounge - a simple pattern that I can just sit back and work with no problem - it might take a while though....

It is a friends birthday in September, and i have just finished this scarf for her:

I think it is so pretty!  I put it together with crochet, it seemed easier than with knitting needles.

Just finished a crochet bag to use for my crochet  "things".

I had great fun doing it, and it was really quick and easy. It is a really good size for holding projects and their yarn. Or sewing projects. Or emboidery projects. Or shopping. I'll do a tutorial if anyone wants to know how to. Just let me know.

So without further ado:

Here's the front - please ignore the yarn hanging from the flower - I forgot it was there!

I love this bead  that I used as the flower centre

here's the back of the bag.

and here is the bag with all this yarn in it, for a job being worked on in the evenings -  I wonder what it could be?

Stay tuned!

14 August 2012

I don't think I showed you the finished zig zag blanket did I? Well here it is:

I think it turned out quite well.

I have also finished the lap blanket that I made for my friend who is having her birthday next month -

Her favourite colour is pink. Could you guess?!

Here's a basket I have finished:

It's falling over but that's OK, it still needs it's handles and they are crocheted but I just haven't had time to attach them yet.

Now here is the secret job:

I wonder what's in the bag?  It's really interesting, I'm sure you will love it,
so   you will have to watch this space again!

I'm doing well actually, considering that I only crochet at night!  I'm flying through the projects..


i have just finished this little jacket for my friend's daughter, who is due to have her little one soon:

Isn't it just too adorable?  I'm really pleased with it and I was thinking that I might use these dots as a closure on the back:

Does anyone know of anyone who has used these little velcro dots on baby clothes?  If you do, how did they last, was it worthwhile using them or should I revert back to the fiddly little buttons?

Any help appreciated.

I'm doing a little blanket next.

Well the blanket is started and for some reason I just cannot get into it, it seems to be going soooo slowly!

So to brighten things up I made a pillow cover, and it's almost finished - I'm on the ruffle now....

Each side is different, and I love all the colours, I tghink the pink and orange look fabulous together!
Do you agree?

Isn't this an adorable popcorn block?

I'm thinking that next year, I might go through my crochet block book and do every block.  That's 200 blocks all up.

If you are interested in doing this with me, just leave a comment below.

I think it will be fun and this is the book I'll be using:

It would be great fun if you joined me.....

This page will become a new blog altogether in January 2013

Well it did become a new blog, but now all crochet and knitting is included in the main page of this blog - so you don't have to go right through this single page looking for things -See you there!

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