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I thought I might put all embroidery details on this seperate page so that those who are interested can watch the work and those who are not, don't have to.

Sumptuous Surface Embroidery Course.

Well, we are now into the fourth week of our course, and I'm not feeling too good about it.  I have learned a lot, I think, about designing the piece, and I have   thoroughly enjoying that area, it will help me a lot in future works.

I have discussed how I am feeling with Sharon Boggon, and she said some really mind blowing things to me, such as "Who told you to be perfect?" and "We are all at different stages on the same path."

What she said has really made me think. Sorry, I don't mean to wax lyrical here, but it was quite a breakthrough for me to be told those things.  Food for thought.

Now this is what I am up to with my monotone embroidery:

I have decided to leave it alone for now, and continue with week 4's design and colour choices.

I will return to this later, when I am over this horrid feeling about it - who knows, maybe i will redesign the whole thing and it will be better than ever!!


Sumptuous Surfaces Week 4

So now we do our colour palette and design for our coloured embroidery piece. 

 I have done my preliminary drawing of the design in my head, and chosen my threads. I have a mixture of perle 5 & 8, silk, wool,stranded cottons and some mohair.

I envision the shells on a bech and the shells themselves just outlined in perhaps back stitch, then the sand behing the heavily embellished area.  Of course I could change my mind tomorrow,  but that is where I am at tonight! 

Here's some pics:

My preliminary drawing does need some tweaking!  I'll work on it.


So here is what I am up to today:

3 shells on the beach,the water rippling across them.

The shells will be outlined in their own colours and the sea could be pulled stitches in blue, the foam over the shells white and cream and fairly heavy encrusted.

The sand to the right of the shells and sea will  be heavily encrusted with all threads, starting near the shells, with their individual colours and fading to beige. Lota of heasvy stitches such as bullions, french knots, whipped wheels with beads and pearls toning in.

I am quite excited about getting started with this project .

For now I will have to leave it and concentrate on getting the quilt quilted and off in the mail.


I have started my embroidery of  the shells that I showed you previously:

I have only done the shells so far, and i am rerally enjoying it!

Wow,  have been so caught up in other things over ther Winter months, but I will get back nto my embroidery soon!

All embroidery posts will become a part of the main blog as of 16 the August 2013.
See you there!

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