Sunday, March 28, 2010

Dolly Quilt

I've decided to join the Dollie Quilts Online BOM at Sewn, and I have my first 3 patterns. I'm just deciding whether to hand make these or to machine sew them. They are only small, so I might hand sew them, it will be fun I think.

The first little quilt is a medallion quilt, it has a paper pieced centre medallion and 5 borders. I've chosen some fabric from the stash, there's the pic above! (I won't try to move it, I'll probably lose it!!)
The pics not real clear, sorry it's a new camera, so I'll need to get used to it :)
I tried to put myself into a little girl frame of mind to pick these fabrics, there's 10 of them all together. My favourite of all is the 2nd from the left, it's mauve and very pretty with flowers. The fairies are pretty too.
Do you like my choice? It could change before I actually start sewing, won't be doing that until we come back from our cruise in April.
Well that's it for now, see you later