Sunday, October 30, 2011

Block 2

So it's now Block 2 for the Bloggers Block of the Month.  This month came from Vicki Welsh at Field Trips in Fibre.  It is a great block (I love star blocks, and really quick and easy.

Okay, I know, but if you were passing by in a train going at 50 miles an hour, well you simply would not notice that none of the points meet, now would you??

I never said I was perfect  :) :) LOL

Again we finished at just over 8 inches.  I like it anyhows.....and thanks to Vicki.....


Wee Little Birds said...

Well done. I am still baby sister so mine has gone on the list of thing to do. LOL

Erica said...

Very pretty! And don't worry about your points, nothing is ever perfect. Not all my points match up either. :)