Friday, October 7, 2011

It's the Bathurst Weekend!

We had a pretty quiet day today, went for lunch with an aunt at Wynnum and had a very nice time.  I took my camera with me, and as per usual, when you get talking and eating and laughing, nobody ever thinks to take a picture.  My aunt is going to the USA next week, travelling with her friend for 22 days, so that will be interesting. Can't wait for the tales from that journey, they'll be in New York first, which will be exciting for them.

Well early tomorrow morning is the start of the Bathurst 1000 race, so nothing will be done around here, for sure!  Alan will spend the weekend glued to the television watching every turn of every tyre. A mad Holden fanatic, he looks forward to Bathurst weekend every year.

I like to have an occasional look at the race, there's so much history behind it and it can be really exciting.  Sometimes I'll even sit down and watch it for a while, though it can get very boring when nothing happens and you just sit and watch the same cars going past the same spot over and over!

So we'll see how the next few days go.   Click on the Bathurst 1000 in this post if your interested in the details of this famous race.

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