Monday, December 5, 2011

Some New Pots for the Garden

Yesterday, Alan and I went to the local pot shop and bought some lovely big pots for the garden.  They were delivered today.

They are big and blue and beautiful!

I am so thrilled with them!  The two round ones will each have a frangipani in them, an evergreen and a Bali Whirl, which has the ten petals on the flower instead of 5.  Both smell lovely, and they will live in these pots at the back of the house until they are old and grey.

The rectangular pot is going in front of the fish pond, with the little pink rain lilies in it - they should look sweet against the blue.  I'm debating with myself on whether to put some iris in it as well, but they have blue flowers so they might get lost.  Have to mull over that one.

These are the pretty little pink rain lilies, they are starving to death in this old plastic pot, they will love to be transplanted.  I shall rip the whole thing apart and start them afresh in new soil.

This is a sweet little wall pot that the shop gave us, don't know yet what will live in this, or where it will go.  Decisions, decisions.....


Wee Little Birds said...

Love your new blue pots...very nice.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharyn
you seem to have gone potty.....they are lovely, no doubt you will have them looking wonderful...hope you are feeling better...
Linda x