Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Boxing Day

Boxing Day we had some friends over for lunch.  Everyone bought their dogs along and they (including the dogs) were all very relaxed and well behaved.

For the first time we had 14 people in the Bali Hut! Had to bring chairs from everywhere to accommodate everyone.  Everyone gravitated there as they arrived, then they didn't want to leave!

Everyone hoed into the nibblies including the flies!  It's remarkable, there won't be a fly anywhere but as soon as you bring food out, they all come from everywhere because they think its for them, and they make us feel annoyed .

Eventually we all moved around to the patio where we had set up tables and everyone ate.  Of course I didn't get a single picture of any of that time, you'll just have to imagine the fun we had!

 It was a lovely relaxed day and everyone said they did enjoy because they were able to relax.  We plan on doing more get togethers like this in 2012.

Before i go, I would love to show you the butterfly chrysalis that I found on my hoya plants.

It is the chrysalis of a common butterfly here in Australia, I think it's called a Common Birdwing, could be wrong

This is the second one found.

They both have eaten lots of hoya leaves, but I say theres more than enough to go around for everyone.  Sorry, I know the pictures are not real good, but it's difficult to photograph a chrysalis when the wind is trying to blow your camera away!  I probably won't be able to show you the butterfly as they come out in the evening.


Diane-crewe said...

ooh! I love the hut...what a wonderful place to have a party xx

Wee Little Birds said...

The beauty of living in QLD is being able to enjoy outdoors at Christmas