Friday, December 16, 2011

A Few Garden Pictures

We have had some rain and some strong winds over the past few days, so there are not many flowers out, but I would love to show you some of my favourites that I photographed today - they are as tough as old boots, these plants

Here is the red Allamanda, once it starts to flower, it is quite prolific and puts on a wonderful show.  It is my favourite of the Allamandas.

This second Allamanda has the dark red throat and red on the backs of the petals along with cream on the front of the petals.

This creamy coloured Allamanda has pointier petals than the other two.  They all flower madly and all put on a great show through summer.

This ginger plant is unusual, the red bud opens with 3 or 4 pink flowers.  It is only just beginning to flower today. It is a rampant grower, and is trying to "walk" all over the Swamp Lily!!  I need to attack it with the secateurs this weekend and get some control back!

our baby Staghorn Fern growing on the fence.  This is just beginning to grow so hopefully it will become a decent size this summer.  I love them when they get really large and throw those large antlers out.

Here is the rampant elkhorn - it is almost all the way around the palm now, which is no mean feat, it's not a small palm!

A couple of bromeliads that I planted through the week.  I'm not good with the names, but the one at the back is an Achmea of some sort.

Here is another Achmea that I've planted, this one has razor sharp thorny bits along the edges of the leaves and seems to grow quite large.  Time will tell h ow large.

This weekend I am determined to get out in the garden and do a lot of weeding for Christmas, I'm running out of time to get the garden up to scratch for visitors we will be having on Boxing Day.


Diane-crewe said...

it is lovely to see other peoples gardens xx I am looking out at snow and bumps under the snow at the moment xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon,
Your garden is really looking beautiful. It's a lovely time of year for the plants.
Love Jeanie Beanie