Friday, October 12, 2012

Week 1 Post 3

For my Blogging Your Way week 1 Post 3, I have chosen to post about "what inspires me and why."

It's really not difficult to explain , and then you may think I'm crazy! You wouldn't be the first, so here goes!

  • I am inspired by the way that women are standing up now and saying "this is what I do, and it's worth something!"  That is such a great thing, when I was growing up, women did not have that vision, they were content to be at home and to not value their importance in the world.  Times have changed dramatically.
  • I am inspired by the fabrics that I have now to work with - the colours and the feel of them, they are alive in their own special way, and I love being able to help them express their beauty in my own way.
  • I am inspired by the beautiful colours and types of yarn I can use now - gone are the days when we could only buy 4 or 8 ply yarns, and they scratched and gave (me) a rash!
  • I am inspired by the country of India, the people, the culture, their spirituality and the wonderful colours again.  Unfortunately, at this time of my life I may not be able to fly overseas again, so I very wistfully have to look at that beautiful country on the television and in books - I especially love the Indian cookbooks that I collect. I won't give up on my dream to go there yet though!
Well that's wee 1's homework completed. How do you think I went? Do you now know more about me? Make sure you come back tomorrow and join in with Saturdays Slideshows and Snapshots now!!



Alisa Steady said...

Hi, Alsha! Great post!! I love that you are inspired by women standing up for their important roles in the world outside the realm of 'at home.' We are a talented lot with brilliance and vision to contribute to the world :o) I also admire India from a long distance. And am a great lover of Indian cuisine! Do you also cook reciepes out of your cookbooks??

Janine Whitling said...

Hi Alsha, thanks for your post. I also love that women are standing up for themselves. Unfortunately though society is still trying to keep them down, what with gender ideals and beliefs. Did you know that a London paper still has a topless woman on page 3 of every newspaper? The best thing we can do is keep speaking up as individuals no matter what resistance we get. Lets send that message: 'we are proud women, capable of equal might, powerful, feminine and beautiful!'

Anonymous said...

HI Sharyn
That was wonderful.....I really enjoyed reading what insprires you.....

One day I hope you get to travel again, never say never.
See you tomorrow.......Linda x