Saturday, October 13, 2012

Saturdays Slideshows and Snapshots

Week 2 is here, gee I hope we do better than last week!  Of course we will!

I'm sick of playing with Photoshop tonight - I'm going snapshots!

I  have some beautiful shots of our garden, which refers back to what I said that inspires me, have a look and you will understand I'm sure:

My garden gives me endless joy, Alan ands I sit out there often, when we are not working out there and just look.
The colours and the textures are inspiring - shows me that there are  no clashing colours in this world - just stick some green in with them! It makes everything all right.
Our weather yesterday was very wild and woolly, and the day before we had rain! So the garden has been rained on and then blown about like nothing you have seen! All the orchids have died and the pic above looked so lovely amongst the battered bushes!
Join and and tell us what you have found inspired you this week, won't you??


Anonymous said...

The colours are absolutely stunning and you must tell me what those pretty little flowers are in the first two photos.
Jeanie Beanie xoxox

Susanne said...

You have gorgeous flowers in your garden! It's spring time in Australia, right? So jealous :)

Susanne, your byw classmate