Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Some New Fabric Purchases

I've got some fabulous fabric purchases to show you today!

I have wanted to buy some of the new printed word fabrics, and finally I found some in Spotlight (Spotlight would be the Australian version of Joannes in the US) - I will show you those first:


Aren't the newspaper fabrics gorgeous? Here's more :
Everything together

Pattern printed fabric - I love it!!

and Confucius fabric by Timeless Treasures.
I really cannot wait to use these fabrics.  Do you like them, and if they were yours, what would you do with them??


Shelly Jack said...

How cool! Love the fabric! I would make bags of course, since that's what I do ;)

Anonymous said...

Love the fabrics....not sure what I would do with them...I would ask Anne cause I am hopeless.
See you tomorrow.....Linda x

Anonymous said...

I love the newspaper print fabric, I must get some. It mixes so well with a lot of other fabrics doesn't it.
Good to know Spotlight has it too.
Jeanie Beanie xoxox