Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I'm about to Swoon Again.

Have the second Swoon  block cut out and ready to go -

Oops, the floral fabric is back to front, take my word for it, it's gorgeous, with gold highlights on the flowers - can't wait to finish this one!  And I'm also too lazy to go and take a picture of the right side of the fabric.

I'm also ready and about to start on Sue's block for the Swap blocks Australia March.

I have the fabric ready with this lovely turquoise and Cherry Red and now have to make up my mind between 5 different block designs!  We all know what I'm like, don't we! 

This is the last time you will see this fabric, you'll have to wait for the final block to go to Sue.   Ihope to make a decision tomorrow, while I am waiting for Alan at the hospital - he has to go in for a CT Scan.  His hernia repair is not too good at the moment.  Let's hope it all goes well.


Diane-crewe said...

fingers crossed for the scan results

Anonymous said...

Missed you today at Stitch & Bitch, but I got heaps done, just Anne and I until another lady joined us....I missed you all......hope all goes well for Alan.....hope to see you next week, keep up your good work....Linda x

Sooli said...

Well,I love the fabric! Can't wait to see the finished block too! Lucky me!
Hope all is well for Alan too, fingers crossed.