Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Next Birthday Quilt

Here are the four New York Beauties I have done so far:

The next birthday is in June this year, so I know what I'm doing!  Don't they look great together?

I'm just using all scraps - whatever is on the top of the pile is used first, and I think it will make a fabulous quilt.  I'm actually thinking of taking the paper templates to the copy shop and having them doubled in size, as these are only about 7 1/2 inches, so it will take tons of them to make a decent sized quilt. 

Do you think that's a good idea, or should I just use these smaller ones on a plain background, in some sort of design?

I'm hoping that I can do the same thing with this quilt as the last one - get it done and outta here in plenty of time.   I probably will never paper piece again!

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Diane-crewe said...

I would try just one enlarged as it may alter the dimensions of the arc so that it does not fit... if it does and you like the big size... go for it xx