Thursday, March 29, 2012

Busy Thursday

We had our Thursday morning sewing group this morning, and Jean gave me my tote. It is great, and even has some bling on it! (Jean loves bling)

The bag front with the pretty bling

The bag back with nice long handles - Jean told me this bag is made out of place mats, would have been pretty heavy sewing I would say!

It's a really good size and holds lots of STUFF

 I think it will become my Thursday sewing bag, I can throw it over the shoulder while I'm wheeling the trusty old machine and it can hold the current project

I finished the Bloggers BOM today - it was a simply block and looks really good.

THAT QUILT arrived in New South Wales yesterday, and Sarah phoned tonight to say thanks, it's already on her bed.  It's great to know she appreciated it.

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