Saturday, March 10, 2012

Madly Quilting

THAT Quilt is in the process of being quilted.

I have done the lines one way and will now do another lot, making nice squares.  I'm not doing them "in the ditch" but about a half inch from the seams.  I will bind it with the same fabric as the backing:

The back is looking good also, though it may be a little difficult to see.  For those who were interested, the bamboo batting is wonderful to work with.  It is so soft, and the needle easily pierces it.  I think it is a lot nicer to work with than the cotton batting I usually use.  If it wasn't so expensive, I would love to be able to use it all the time!!  I do thoroughly recommend it to anyone who is making a  "special" quilt.


Diane-crewe said...

I have seen this wadding advertised but never used it... may get a small piece and try it out xx thanks x

Sooli said...

I've used bamboo batting twice and I love it. I got mine as an incentive when I renewed my magazine subscription so I didn't have to buy it but I enjoyed using it.