Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Some Swaps Received

I am a member of the Quilting Block Swaps Australia group, and here are some lovely blocks I have received

This one if from Helen in West Australia.  Thank you Helen, it is perfect.  This block was December's block.

and here is the January block from Bobbie up near Toowoomba.  I love it.

Bobbie also sent me some cute charms, it is obvious she has read this blog because look at what she chose

Aren't they absolutely adorable?  I can see a fused art quilt using these cute charms!  Thank you so much Bobbie.

Now there are lots of things I am working on and I can't show you pictures, or I would have to kill you!

I will show you 2 pictures when I hear they have been received by the others.  The first is Bobbie's
Card Trick block for January.  Shall I make it well known right here and now that I will never make another one of these!

If you are not happy with what I have done Bobbie, you'll have to let me know and I will send you the fabrics to make another OR I will do the Log Cabin for you (I really don't know why I didn't choose that one to start with!)

So anyhow, that will be posted tomorrow so Bobbie should receive it by the end of this week.

The second thing that is leaving tomorrow is my New Year Cracker Swap.  It's all done and waiting for the trip to the post office!

I'm currently doing a lot of handwork on a few things, the striped diamond quilt and a clutch purse which I need to have ready for my friend Jean at sewing on Thursdays.  The 19th January is our Swap Clutches Day.  Should be very interesting, I'm sure Jean will love hers.  I hope.


Wee Little Birds said...

Fantastic blocks

Diane-crewe said...

lovely bright blocks ...want to stay alive a little longer so ...will not push for pictures of your current projects xx I can wait lolhenje