Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year Everyone

We hope you all had a safe and enjoyable New Year and that 2012 will be bigger and better than the last year.

I'm feeling very proud of myself because I have just finished a block that I have never  done before, and so now that I know what I am doing with it, I will be able to make it for my swap partner for December with my partner in Quilting Block Swaps Australia.

I'm afraid I did have some difficulty with this block, though most of it was because I didn't read the instructions too well, and thought my way would be better!  So after mush unpicking and swearing at myself, and the unpicker and the block because it was stupid, I finally have a finish..

So there we are - it's a Card Trick - it's not perfect ( because of all the unpicking I had to do :):)) but the next one will be better, I promise!


Diane-crewe said...

practice makes perfect...and reading the instructions helps xx

Wee Little Birds said...

It is similar to one of the runners I did for Christmas. I bit tricky till you get your head around it.
Cheers Tanya

Anne said...

This block is on my list of blocks to try. It always looks so effective!