Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hi, I'm Home

Thank you for all the good wishes and things went well in hospital, so I was allowed home on Friday after the bronchoscopy.  Have to see the specialist again in 2 weeks.  It's always great to get back home again.

So I've been doing some hand sewing and some more Oh My Stars blocks.

So my hand sewing has included lots of these little devils - I don't want to see another sequin any time soon, though I have really enjoyed using them on this project - to be shown at a later date.

Stars stars stars, I'm doing all the big ones first, and now I've lost count of them. Never mind.


Maria said...

Pleased to hear you are getting better and will be home soon.
You have keep busy sewing sequins.

Diane-crewe said...

those sequins will keep you occupied...sitting down and so having a rest xx

Wee Little Birds said...

Glad to hear you are out of hospital hope it all went well. We missed you on Thursday. Meeting Friday this week because of Holiday.
Hugs Tanya