Thursday, January 12, 2012

Diamonds and Stars

I have been worrying about this glueing of my diamonds, I'm concerned that by the time I get them all glued that the glue on the first ones will be loose and I'll  have to start over.

So I have upped the ante and decided I need to do more diamonds each week - maybe even each day if I have time so I don't have to worry about such things.

So I sat down this evening and this is what I did:

10 more diamonds glued and drying.

Can't keep everyone in suspense - here is what they are for:

If you can read this, it is the Material Obsession starter blocks - Striped Diamonds.  It will make a really nice wall quilt won't it?

I must have been overworking my brain today, or I am heat stroked and in shock  - I really cannot think of any other reason I would have done this after glueing 10 diamonds!

Can you believe it??  I can't.  I think I'm sick, we've been having some really hot weather the past few days ( like 37 degrees celsius)  so I reckon it's cooked my brain!  I've cut out all the diamonds for this star for the Sue Ross BOM, and I'm not even over the last star with diamonds. 'nuff said, I need to go and lie down!!


Maria said...

Okay !!!!! Have fun. Looks mind boggleing to me.

sunny said...

Your diamonds are going to be awesome! I hope you got some rest and regained your senses.