Saturday, November 2, 2013

Saturdays Scraps

Hi everyone - sorry I haven't been  here for a while - Alan and I have just come home from a little holiday up at Coolum.

Coolum is a lovely little town with a dog friendly beach, so of course, we took Tommy and Priscilla with us!  Had a very lazy, relaxed time, and now we are home and raring to go! I'll post some pictures later, I keep forgetting to get the little camera out of the car!

So, here we are again, I didn't have any sewing time at all while I was away, but have done quite a bit since getting home!

Here is Dolly Medallion Quilt, she says she is finished now - just needs backing and binding - do you agree?

I've been making some improv trees this afternoon - they are such fun - I'm going to use them in the next medallion quilt!

Remember this little dolly? She will get the trees after a plain border.

Here are the three that I have made so far, with  her:

Don't ever, ever mention Moda fabric to me ever, ever again!!  I have had a Moda jelly roll in my cupboard for about a week or so, thinking I would use it in something special I am doing.

Well, was that a mistake? YES it was!! No two lengths were the same size, widthways, the lengths were cut crooked, which meant I couldn't use them in the project 'cos they looked stupid!

They pulled and it left marks on them when I cut them, and they lost so much cotton dust, my sewing room looks like it has snowed!!

I have never had to use such disgusting fabric, absolutely horrible, horrible, horrible!!

I even used a few lengths of it in the Dolly Medallion Quilt just to get rid of some of it - it will now go to the bottom of my scrap pile.Enough of my ranting, just had to get that one off my chest as I have spent hours and hours fighting the stuff!

Join in with us and show your scrappy masterpieces!


Sarah Lizzie said...

Welcome Back!! Your dolly medallion quilt looks a treat!! It sounds like you might need another li'l holiday to get over your annoying Moda problems!!

Diane-crewe said...

get the feeling .. you dont like the fabric xx glad you had a good holiday xx

Funny Farm said...

Wow your medallion quilt looks great! Very disappointing to have Moda fabric come out like that.The idea of precuts is to save time not make time.Off to the scrap bag it is lol.
Love Jeanie Beanie xoxo