Thursday, November 21, 2013


I just couldn't wait to show you these beautiful Frangipani flowers that are blooming right now in our garden! The first one up is a "Darwin Pink", if I remember rightly ;

Isn't it a pretty colour?

My favourite red one - name unknown

These next ones were given to me last Summer by a friend, so neither she nor myself know what they will be when they flower! She gave me five cuttings, the others haven't flowered yet.

This first one is fabulous though:

Gorgeous large flowers with the most beautiful perfume!

Here's the same flower with the ruler ( well it's not my fault if it's crooked!), to show you the size - it's around 3" across!

This is another of the gifted ones, just budding now, so we are waiting with interest to see what it becomes!

Last but nor least, is my "double". It did develop one flower and the wind and rain broke it off(yes, I know I should have taken a picture on the day, but of course, I didn't).
This frangipani has 10 petals on each flower instead of the usual five.  It is supposed to have a lovely perfume also, but we'll have to wait for the next flower buds to open now.

We haven't had any flowers, or even buds, yet on the Darwin Yellow, the Evergreen White or the regular white, so I'm hoping they will follow come true Summer.

So that's that.   Aren't you ever so glad I showed you?


Sarah Lizzie said...

Yes I am very glad you showed me your gorgeous Frangipanni flowers!! But....I am also a wee bit jealous....much too chilly down here for these tropical plants. Love your photos!!

Little House on the Hill said...

Love your Frangi. We put a cutting in a pot away from the frost 5 years ago and to it flowered for the first time this year

cheers Pauline

Anonymous said...

wow, they're amazing!

pip lincolne said...

I swear I can smell them from here! Lovely! Reminds me of WA where I spent my teenage years. NICE!

Anonymous said...

Your photos are fabulous as always…Linda xxx