Saturday, November 16, 2013

Saturdays Scraps

Hi everyone, great to have you back here!

Boy, did we cop a storm this afternoon! Thunder and lightening, with some large hail, a bit of heavy rain, and then Huey got bored and went on his merry way!!

Here's some hail:

 2 of the hail stones in Alan's hand - they're about golf ball size!

A few of the stones on the front lawn - we really needed some rain, so we are lucky we got some!!

I have been sorting out my pieces of batting, trying to put together enough for at least one of my scrap quilts! It's just not happening yet, but I did have enough to do a little teddy bear bed quilt:

Miss Teddy's sleepy! Her quilt is made from scraps ( well it is Saturdays Scraps you know!) of batiks, along with scraps of batting.

Here she is, sound asleep 

I started a new table runner from tons of strips I found in my scrap basket, along with a long piece of batting.

I'm going to use a flannelette sheet alone as a backing for one of my big quilts ( less batting to find!!). So I may even have a Sunday Scraps yet - drop in and see tomorrow!

Join in and show us your scrappy goodies for today:


Diane-crewe said...

well teddy is nice and warm any way xx hope the hail stays away and does not cause too much damage x

Sarah Lizzie said...

Teddy has the right and dry under a cozy quilt, safe from those hail stones!!