Sunday, November 17, 2013

Saturdays Scraps Continued on Sunday

Told you I might be back today!

Finished the table runner today, and also have almost finished the single sized quilt backed with an old flannelette sheet.

Some pics for you:

The new table runner turned out pretty good, even though Alan thinks "It's bright!!"

Here is the quilt backed by the flannelette sheet - you can see the sheet hanging over at the top.
I started by joining the two together on three sides, right sides facing .  I then turned them to the correct side  then I turned under the fourth side and sewed it right around all four sides 1/4" from the edge.

I'm thinking that I may simply tie this one, as there is no batting between the two sides there's not much to quilt!!

So I've been a busy little bee today, and tonight I'm going to veg out and watch some television.  See you later!


Diane-crewe said...

gotta love a scrappy quilt x

Sarah Lizzie said...

Indeedy yes, you have been a busy gal!! Love, love, love both of your scrappy 'delights'!! The runner flourishes with brightness and happiness.....bright is beautiful!!

bellezza squillace said...

Yes, I tied one this fall just for that reason. It was perfect. You made a good decision on that one. Beautiful work.