Saturday, October 12, 2013

Saturdays Scraps

Hallo all! Nice that you are back this week.

Have a few things to show you today, so I'll start with the current "dolly medallion quilt".

 Do you like that name?  I just made it up!

To refresh your memory, here she is so far:

I have found some more of the blue fabric that I have surrounded her with, and I will now add a 3' surround in that same blue - to continue the colour through the quilt.

I am sure it will look good,  so it will be done through this coming week.

I have done some more blocks like this link  X and O blocks.

Mostly this week I have been hand sewing on my Green Tea and Sweet Beans quilt that I began last year I think it was!. Now I'm on a roll with it - it's great to sit in the evening now that it is hot and sew the applique blocks together.

So I have been preparing them:

Have all of these cut out and prepared

I make a nice mess, don't I? I can't use my sewing room any more because of the clutter, so now I have moved out onto the patio!

Here is my special Green tea and sweet beans box, with all the blocks already hand sewn - they are packed individually into plastic baggies so I can keep control and not lose anything! 

These are my blocks from the Down Under Block Swap I am a member of, and I am   starting to connect them up using scraps as borders around everything.

I will make some new fabric a la Bumble Beans 15 minutes play and surround all the houses with the strips - it should make a nice bright quilt shouldn't it?

So join in and show us what you are doing scrap wise!


Diane-crewe said...

you seem to have been VERY busy this week .. not soooo much of a mess .. you should see my sewing space!!! x

Sarah Lizzie said...

Wow you have been a busy gal this week!! Love the house blocks...they are so colourful, whimisical and full of fun!!

Funny Farm said...

Oh those little houses are adorable. they are so pretty and beautiful colours.
Jeanie Beanie xoxox