Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Postie Called

again, and look what he bought me this time!!

These are from Pamela, my September partner in the Down Under Quilt Block Swap:

I love the colours in this one!

I think this one is remarkable, Pamela obviously  has a lot more patience than me!

Here they are together, don't they look pretty?

Pamela said that she made two, and then couldn't make up her mind which one to send me, so she sent both!
I'm so glad she did!

I never tire of saying what a lucky girl I am....


Sarah Lizzie said...

Yes indeedy.....very pretty indeed!!

Diane-crewe said...

dont you just love HAPPY post xx

Funny Farm said...

I love surprises in the mail. Those stars are so pretty.
Jeanie Beanie xo