Saturday, August 31, 2013

Saturdays Scraps

Today is the first day of my "Saturdays Scraps".

Each Saturday, I will add what I have done in the way of scrappy quilting, and the processes, so that you can see what's happening.

If you would like to join in with me, then leave a message on this post and I will start up a linky party  for us, and we can show our scrappy bits 'n' bobs each week.

You may have noticed this quilt earlier on:

This is the first scrap quilt top for this series, I call it my "squares and strips" quilt top.

Quilting all these scrappy tops will hopefully happen once I have completed all the tops I want to get done this year - or at least we'll see!

No 2 for today is:

(drum roll here!!!)

Scrappy Tumblers:

I started with a shoebox with around 350 tumblers in it

I used my wonderful Go Baby to cut around 650 more tumblers - these are 3 1/2", finish at 3".

I ended with a shoe box filled with around 1000 tumblers!

I joined the tumblers into pairs

Here we have 107 pairs of tumblers joined today

Plus 5 joined incorrectly - managed to unpick them today.

So that is Saturdays Scraps for today, don't forget to let me know if you want a linky party here each Saturday, so we can all encourage one another.


Anonymous said...

Here I am Sharyn, totally forgot to look at your Blog for ages, thanks for reminding me. I love your scrappy quilt but I love your tumblers even more. I want a Go Baby, how wonderful is your latest tumbler template, can't wait to see have done very well so far, lots of tumblers to sew though, enjoy.
See you soon....Linda xxxx

Anonymous said...

This is Elizabeth....the one who never checks out bogs etc.
Just walked through to computer to find it covered in plaster dust due to the rest of the walls coming down!
Beautiful job Sharyn, lucky for that cutter - 1000 pieces with scissors NEVER!

Tanya said...

great job your scrappy quilt. Looking forward to cutting some tumbler blocks
Hugs Tanya

Funny Farm said...

Boy have you been busy that's an enormous amount done already. You have to love the Go Cutter. It just makes all your shapes really accurate. Well done!
JeanieBeanie xo

Sarah Lizzie said...

I love quilts made out of scraps!! Your tumbler blocks are going to morph into an amazing quilt when finished!!