Thursday, September 5, 2013

An Orchid Post

Our orchids are just beginning to open. They are just so pretty, I wandered around and took some photographs just for you!

Here is the King Orchid, in the Emu Bush at the back of the Bali Hut, it has two beautiful long spikes.

A close up of the bottom spike 

Here is the top spike- sorry it's not quite so clear.

Ground Orchids are just opening their buds

The plant is covered in them.

It's lovely to see their happy faces after such a horrid winter! There are still plenty more to come, so stay tuned!!


Sarah Lizzie said...

Those orchids are gorgeous. Spring is just beginning to spring down here at the bottom of the world. Yay!!

Funny Farm said...

They look so beautiful sharyn. it's a great t. of year in the garden.
Jeanne Beanie xo

Diane-crewe said...

I have to be honest.. Im not a fan of orchids .. but pleased for you that they are blooming xx