Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Year of the Scrap

Well, we still continue hand sewing on the Green tea and Sweet Beans quilt, and i have been madly cutting scraps as well, to complete some more quilts a little faster!

Got out the Go! Baby and  have been madly cutting:

$ 4 1/2" squares, 2 1/2" squares and some half square triangles. My poor Go! Baby won't last much longer, she is being forced to work overtime,

One bag of scraps and some yardage gone through this afternoon.

The problem with this is that you need so many blocks to make up the quilt but boy, it certainly saves some time and wrist strain!

I love my Go! Baby (and no, I am not being paid to say that!)

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Kat McNally said...

Hi Shaz,
Hope you're travelling well and 2013 has been good to you so far.
I'm just popping in to let you know about a little #reverb-like blog challenge my friend Meredith and I are offering from August 21 to 31. It's called August Moon and it looks all set to be magic!
We'd be so excited if you joined us. You can find out more here:
Take care,
Kat xx