Thursday, August 22, 2013

August Moon Day 2: Seize the season

Kylie Bellard has put up a set of questions to guide thoughts on this day.

They really did assist me to get my mind around this statement of "Seize the Summer".

I am so happy to be heading into the springtime here in Queensland. Winter has been hard and cold ( for us anyhow) and it is time for the sun to start shining and things to warm up a bit. Needless to say, I love the warm weather!

I have made myself lots of promises for this Spring and Summer - such as to be more attentive to the cleaning and washing in the home of ours - I make the same promise to myself every season, hopefully this time it will stick.

I keep getting waylaid with quilting and crocheting, and who really needs a sparkling clean house anyway!

Once a month we will spend with the grandchildren, and for a week or more over holidays we will have them to stay here with us. Can't wait for that!

I'm hoping to get all the gardening done through Spring, so we can relax and enjoy the Summer time.

If I could just attend to one thing I will be happy!


~Andie~ said...

The housework can wait! I know from experience it's incredibly patient! :-) x

Julie Jordan Scott said...

"attend to one thing" the words sound so magical... focus with love...

So glad I found your post today from the augustmoon13 series.

The housework does wait. I've been avoiding it since mid July and today I became a whirlwind and in not too long it looks so much better!!

Kat McNally said...

My friend, I am with you! Crochet over housework, any day. The hot weather is a good incentive to slow down and take it easy, don't you think? ;)