Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Quilt Photography Workshop

Plum and June

August and the first of the Quilt Photography Workshop groups.

Today the lesson is all about photos of fabrics.  So armed with my trusty Canon EOS 550D  camera, I trotted off and took some photos of fabric.

I didn't do very well I'm afraid - wasn't confident enough to use the personal settings - used the preset ones, mostly Close up. I seem to have lost confidence in using the personal settings - I'm hoping that this course will help me get over it.

Here are the photographs that I took:

I know that the picture above is messy, but I do like the way the fabric looks

I love the fabric in this one, though the chair sneaked into it! Here's another first - I am going to try and crop this photograph, something I have never done. We will see how I went at the end of this post!

Don't know what possessed me to put this frangipani with the fabrics, but I did, I think the fabrics look lovely and silky.

Hung the fabrics up on the clothes line over a bright blanket - I thought it might show them up prettier -= the black ones it did, but not the others. The sun also was in the wrong spot

again the sun is glarey, but I love this fabric against the orange - no I don't, it shows the holes in the blanket - I'll have to crop this one also!! (It is an old blanket)

So I have made some adjustments to the photographs - had a great time doing it, and taught myself lots - so here are the cropped photographs:

Wow, doesn't this look so much better after cropping!

I got rid of the holes in the old blanket - much better!

Here is one that I didn't show before - again, I don't know why I thought the Buddha's head would help!

If you would like to join in with us all, go to Plum and June HERE and join the fun!

See you there....


Beth said...

Wow - the cropping did make a big impact. Thanks for joining in.

Helen said...

Were we suppose to use professional settings? Cause I sure didn't. I am a bit shaky on setting them yet. Anyway I liked your cropping. Especially focusing in more on the fabric!

Jess said...

Cropping can be pretty helpful. So much stuff can just sneak right into photos!

Anonymous said...

I love the pics of the hanging fabric!!!

Lorna McMahon said...

I love your use of props. That flower was sew pretty!

hydeeannsews said...

experimentation is fun and will help you learn what you like and don't! great job. I like the glaring sun in the backlit photos, personally, but understand if you don't feel they showed up the fabrics well enough.

cropping helps, like you said. as you learn to pay closer attention to what's in your frame when you shoot the photo, you will be able to crop with your camera the first time around, saving time. good luck!

Anonymous said...

YOu did very well with the photos.....Linda xx

Sharon Dawn said...

I really liked how you used different places and fabrics! My favorite is the fabric hanging over the colorful blanket. You did well with your cropping!