Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Last Day..

Those in the know will know about my sewing group with my friends, we all get together each Thursday morning at a local shop and have what some call the "stitch 'n' bitch" session.

Well, no more.

Our friend Anne, who runs the shop we gather in, has decided not to renew her lease, and to work from home.

So we are all going to follow her! Now we'll be meeting at her home every Thursday morning!

Anne and her offsider:
dear little Sophie,
will no longer be travelling every day in the traffic.
So this morning was a time for fun and gossip and friendship as well as sewing.  We all had a great time.

 Just a few pics so I can remember the day

So Anne and Sophie will be taking two weeks to get everything organized at home, and then we will get back together again.  I think they call this progress.....



Diane-crewe said...

for an awful moment I thought the group was folding! sad she has to loose the shop.. but... hooray you all continue to meet... and maybe shop a little at the same time xx

Bron said...

Glad you are able to relocate your group...such fun times . xx

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sharyn for taking the photos and sharing them. It was a sad day, but Anne isn't so that's good. At least we all still get together so that's the main thing.....looking forward to when Anne sorts herself and we can again Stitch n Bitch, in a nice way of course.
Have a great weekend, see you soon.....Linda x

Anonymous said...

It will be the start of a new page for Anne. Lovely to see the photos of us there together. Lovely we can still get together too!
Jeanie Beanie xoxox