Saturday, November 3, 2012

Saturdays Slideshows and Snapshots

Snapshots again today from us - Alan took these.

These two photographs have been cropped - pity they don't end up the same size' I will work on that

the day lilies are beginning to flower

the "dancing ladies" orchid is flowering now also - a bit later than the others. It is attached to the palm with a piece of old stocking and sits in full sun all day long!
As for inspiration for this week - how can one not be inspired, when we walk into our back garden and we are confronted with these flowers, against all the odds!!
These plants have had nothing but gusty turbulent wind now for over two weeks, and no rain at all. They survive on the small amount of water we can put on them, which isn't much. Our tanks are empty!
Goes to prove that you should never give up, doesn't it?
We need rain!



Little House on the Hill said...

Beautiful photos, beautiful flowers.

Love them

Anonymous said...

Its lovely to see your beautiful garden Shaz. My horse paddocks have all dried up and blow away I am afraid. We sure do need rain.
Jeanie Beanie xoxox