Friday, November 2, 2012

More Stash Deposits!

I needed some yellow fabric. Have you ever tried to buy yellow fabric? My goodness it's hard!
But any hows, I found some, along with this fabulous black and white print!  Isn't it adorable?  I love the florals, they have gold on them, and they're sort of  japanesey I think.
So here's another yellow and black and white floral, and also some crazy fish and crab fabrics that I just love.
I don't know what to do with them, but I love them!
That's the idea of this post - what would you use the crazy crabs and fish in?


Sandy said...

I would say my supply of yellow is the smallest in my stash! They are very hard to find. You did make some good additions to your stash, though!

Jeneta said...

I don't have much yellow either! I saw some recently and grabbed it knowing that I would need yellow at some point. I also seem to have very little green. I LOVE the black and white print in the first photo!

Anonymous said...

Me either. Isn't that funny! I love the black and white with the little windows. So cute.
Jeanie Beanie xoxox