Monday, November 12, 2012

Emu Shopping

Today Alan & I took a road trip out to a town named Marburg, to stop in at the Emu Farm there and have a look at the products that they sell.

It wasn't too bad a trip, and we came away with some lotions and potions that were recommended by our friendly neighbourhood chemist.

While we were t here I thought I might take a picture or two:

All the birds were curious to see if I had anything for them
On the way through Marburg on our way back to Brisbane, we saw an echidna racing across the road!  I jumped out of the car to take a picture, but he had already started to burrow himself into the ground under a bush:
Here's his back I suppose you can still see his quills.  They move so quickly!
I must say that there is some sewing being done, but nothing I can show you yet! Hope you enjoyed the emus. and the echidna's back!!


Bron said...

Oooh I find emus a little intimidating...I am sure their products are good though. X

Anonymous said...

Little do they know.....
Jeanie Beanie xoxox

Anonymous said...

What a nice drive you daughter had an echidna at her home at Cornubia and it was happy to stay at the back wheel of the car while we took photos. Nice to see you today, see you next week I hope...
Linda x