Monday, November 5, 2012

Lunch Out

Today Alan and I decided to rock along to a local nursery for lunch.

Nielsons Native Nursery is a wonderful place, with a cafe with great food, and a wonderful selection of plants both native and others.

I just had a toasted sandwich, and Alan a bacon & egg burger, but boy, they were delicious and the view is outstanding! Just a few shots for you:

The front entrance is welcoming


The Coffee Shop is lovely - sorry about the last picture of the stained glass, but it is still beautiful, it depicts the lorikeets that the shop is named after
The view of the gardens is lovely :

There are some BIG fish in these ponds!
There are families of water dragons like this fellow all around the ponds, and sometimes they loke to enter the coffee shop and walk around hoping for some titbits!
We are very lucky to have such a lovely nursery so close to us!!



Diane-crewe said...

looks wonderful... glad you enjoyed the food too x Nice to see some sunshine... as I type this I am hearing the sounds of car windscreens being scrapped!

Bron said...

I love nurseries that combine with a cafe...sadly there are not enough good ones around. xx

Anonymous said...

Ah yes Tanya and I have had many a nice lunch there after sewing on Thursdays.
Jeanie Beanie xoxox