Saturday, June 28, 2014

Mixed Media Embroidery Journal

Hi everyone! I'm sorry I don't get back very often through the week lately, things are just so very busy at the moment, and the weeks just begin and they are over!

Never mind, I'm here now, and will try to be a better blogger from here in.

I thought you might like to see what I am up to in my embroidery journal so far.

So here are some pictures and some chat about it.

it is only one of many things on the go at the moment, but it is getting there slowly!

A quick reminder of the cover of my journal

The first page inside the front cover. I started with a pinkish coloured lace down the edge and  a peach coloured satin ribbon beside it.  I embroidered a vine using purple pearl cotton, and added purple beads along it. 
Next was the yellow satin ribbon attached with the orange button.  I'm not sure I have finished this page, make comments if you like please.

The second page has a pink embroidered lady bowing, and the greeting "Namaste" above her head. I have added various fibres and couched them down with pink cotton to surround  her, and printed the words "I bow to you" in the corner.  The whole page has lovely mauve lace on the edges.

This is the fourth page.  I decided to attach my embroidered sheep and surround them with this pretty old lace.  I haven't actually sewn him in yet - the sheep are glued but the lace is not finished.

The middle pages have the Om Shanti prayer, along with it's basic meaning written in gel pen on paper.  This is not finalized yet either, I think I may have to re - embroider the Om Shanti. I've slept on it for a few nights but i still can't make up my mind!

On the final page of the journal I have sewn in my embroidered four leaf clover and written underneath are the words "Blessed Be". This page also wants something more.

So that is how it is coming along.  I am really enjoying working in it, and getting the pages the way I want. I do have things in mind for all the pages but have not been able to complete them yet.

Working on it is a slow process, making sure I am happy with each page.

So that is where I am up to now, I will appreciate any comments and suggestions you might like to give.

So I will be back tomorrow evening with the photo of red. Hope you have some good pictures for it!
Bye for now and take care.


Diane-crewe said...

a project of love means that every time you open it you see something different x

Madtatter80 said...

Very nice great for the coffee table makes a great conversation piece! love it!