Sunday, June 15, 2014

52 Weeks Word Photo Challenge

Hi everyone, glad to see you back for the show of the word "pump".

I had great fun with this one, believe it or not!  The possibilities were endless!  I always look the word up in the online dictionary, and that gives me the ideas! (now I've given away my secret).

No more malarkey! On with the show!!

here's my "pump" :-

The most favourite pump in this house, is attached to this bottle. My most favourite of all creams for my hands is this lovely, lovely pumpable stuff! (pumpable is a sharynism!!)

I love it, love it, love it. I use it innumerable times every single day, I love it so much, but apart from that,
 this is most unfair, my dusting fairy is throwing a tantrum and she won't work because I told you about her last week!  She's very shy, you see, and most people can't see her so she doesn't think that I should discuss her with anyone.

Woe is me! How to placate a dusting fairy, this is the question!

I will see you all tomorrow night with next week's word!:):):)


kiwikid said...

Great photo!! I am still thinking and am under the pump!!! Oh dear!!

Diane-crewe said...

good idea .. Im off to see what pumps I can find in the house x

Rachaeldaisy said...

What a great idea for your pump photo. I wouldn't know how to placate a dusting fairy, mine ran away a while ago.

Diane-crewe said...

for some reason the picture has come out sideways!! .. oh I do have fun with this linking up busyness!! lol x

Janet said...

Maybe you need to share some of that Nivea with the dusting fairy. She must have dusty hands...

Sharyn Baldwin said...

Good one Janet!! Hey Janet!!Remember Rocky Horror??!!

Funny Farm said...

Good old Nivea! I think my dusting fairy must be with yours Shaz lol. And did you mentioned Rocky Horror lol. Watched it the other day what a blast from the past!

Jeanie Beanie xo