Sunday, June 8, 2014

52 Weeks Word Photo Challenge

Well, welcome all, to our "fly" pictures!

I'm almost ashamed to show you mine, you see, I have been drifting through the week a day behind the rest of the world, when suddenly! it is Sunday and I have no photograph to show!!

So I ask Alan to suggest something for me to photograph, and he suggests a clock, so here i am, watching time fly!

GOODNESS ME, why did I enlarge it???  It's just so very obvious that the dusting fairy hasn't been around lately, but, never mind, there's always tomorrow - she may just appear magically, right out of thin air!  Hold that thought please!!

Sign up below, won't you, with your fly photo, it cannot be any worse than mine!!

See you tomorrow night!


Diane-crewe said...

good choice ... I know what you mean .. time just FLIES away xx if the dusting fairy appears send her my way!! lol x

kiwikid said...

Great choice! Can the dusting fairy come here please after she has been to visit Diane? Lol!!

Janet said...

I thought of lots of meanings for fly, but missed that one! I'll have that dusting fairy here too. S/he has to travel the world to dust - that must be why s/he's so far behind. :)