Thursday, June 19, 2014

Mixed Media Embroidery Journal

Just thought you would love to know all about my latest decision!

I am still working on my embroideries in the evenings, and I got to thinking "What am I going to do with all these embroideries when I have finished them?" I said to myself, and aloud to anyone who was listening...

The thought came to my mind "Put them in a book", so, I went online to my Stitching Fingers group and trotted along to their Art Journal group, and asked a question. I also went onto U_Tube and looked at mixed media journaling there also.  There is so much to see, once you decide to search for it!

So, here we are. My brain is full to bursting with all these wonderful,crazy ideas of what I am going to do with these embroideries and just how beautiful it will all be! - I do that, usually the old brain gets so full to bursting with too many ideas, and I go take a bex and lie down, never to bring any of my brilliant ideas to fruition!I get too confused about what to do first, so I give up!

But, this time its different! I have actually starting on my little mixed media journal ! I can't believe that I have done it, and I am just so pleased with myself!

So here she  is:-

Made with scrap fabrics and batting, the cover is an old doily (I collect them)

The first page - the orange page is the back of the cover

The back page but one! Forgot to turn the last page it's orange also!

The book cover showing the spine, where I sewed the pages in and left space between them all to make room for whatever I decide to put on the pages with my embroideries.

It certainly is not perfect - but I still love her and think it's pretty good for my first go at making a journal!

Does anyone want to join me in this crazy ride?

See you later - take care!


Rachaeldaisy said...

So do you sew your embroideries into the book? Or embroider onto the colourful pages?

Madtatter80 said...

Love your book :) and very happy to see a project completed and this is exciting!
hugs from Carollyn from stitching fingers, I also have a blog too, Called
Carollyn's tatting Blog

Janet said...

Very funky idea! I won't be making one now as I am not allowed ANY new projects but I will keep it in mind for later.

Funny Farm said...

Isn't that a fantastic idea and it looks bright and funky too.
Jeanie Beanie xo

Sharyn Baldwin said...
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